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The Energies, by Colour

Cards are listed below, in Numerical Order

Yellow: Growing

1 Day Lily Beginning

2 White Clover Community

9 Blue Bead Lily Eternal Love

13 Mock Orange Discernment

19 White Pine Potential

24 Peach Buds Anticipation

28 Mugo Pine Leadership

31 Lilac New Love

32 Brambles Exploring

Green: Flowering

10 Wild Roses Self-Awareness

11 Goldenrod Empathy

14 Queen Anne’s Lace Design

16 Dandelion Optimism

26 Ox-Eye Daisy Decisions

30 Mallow Play

34 Mock Orange Analysis

35 Sunflower Curiosity

Orange: Fruiting

7 Beech Nuts Teaching

8 Red Head Fountain Grass Flow

15 Brambles Synthesis

17 Rosehips Abundance

18 Barley Meaning

29 Deadly Nightshade Pay Attention

33 Cat’s Ears Passion

Brown: Waiting

4 Burr in Snow Breathe

5 Peach Tree Imagination

20 Snowy Rosehips Delay

21 Apples Release

27 Rotting Grapes Too Late

Beige: Resting 

3 Moss Unexpected Resources

6 Snow on Raspberries Allowing

12 Sumac Story

22 Rose Bush Keeping Still

23 Winter Branches Complexity

25 Hawthorn Celebrate

1 There was nothing, and then there was something. The Number One vibrates with the energy of Being.

Day Lily Hemerocallis:


The Cycle of Life is just that, a cycle or circle of events. Like a wheel that turns, there is no ending, simply transformation into the next phase. Easter lilies are used in Christianity as symbols of life after death, and other lilies are often included in funeral rituals. 

Life, including plant life, insists. New leaves reach up towards the light, and disregard the presence of previous generations that are decomposing.

This card has appeared in your spread to draw your attention to the idea that as you make the choice to release the events of the past, both recent and distant, you are making space for a new start, and inviting a vibrant future to commence. 

Two energy underlies every group and gathering.

White Clover Trifolium repens 


Being born into the Human Experience means arriving in community, there is no mandate to be independent or isolated: you came to a family, a village, into the company of other humans on similar journeys.

Finding people with whom you share common bonds is important to your growth. 

Feelings of support and mutual awareness provide stability. When you surround yourself with like-minded and like-hearted people, you will multiply the creativity and resources that are available to you. 

Clover has appeared in this reading to remind you that decision-making is not always simple, and solutions might not conform to historical precedents.

3 Three brings new ideas into the human realm.

Moss and Lily of the Valley Dicranum. Convallaria majalis 

Unexpected Resources

Possibilities surround you, perhaps unnoticed because of your assumptions about how and when they will appear. 

There is little benefit to performing busywork. Your attention will remain active when you make the choice to watch and wait. When you rest, you release all expectations and can simply allow What Is to shift into your awareness.

Just as sleep is a time of physical healing, so when you allow your thinking and emotional self to rest, negative and restricting energies can dissipate. 

This card is here to release you from the lie that action must fill every moment. When you are still, light will fill the darkness and reveal useful information. 

4 The energy of Four is stable and solid: it creates a platform for growth in the future.

Burr in Snow Arctium


Into every life a little inspiration may fall. It can land quite suddenly, delivering new ideas, fully-formed concepts and additional, potential tangents. These will become part of the bedrock of your work in the future: do not disregard their utility.

It is true that some inspirations seem irrelevant. Life in the tropics does not call for snowshoes, even so, when perceptions flow and dreams feel important, it is correct to breathe deeply and record the idea for when the significance becomes clear.

Although they may seem out of place, new schemes have a role in your future, and will be useful and beneficial when their time arrives. Pause and stay present with whatever has shown itself.

5 Five is a moving, vibrant energy which supports growth and change. 

Peach Tree Prunus persica


Before moving we can, and should, create a vision of our destination. 

In the same way that the GPS needs an address in order to plan our route, having a clear idea of where we want our life to go next is a vital first step. 

Whether you are working on a physical thing, a career goal, or a relationship, the long-term benefit will not be found in impulsive action. Whims will need to be amended or abandoned, whereas thoughtful research in advance will pay dividends.

This card is here to remind you that staying still and defining a vision of your desires is a greater and more lasting kind of progress than rushing forward without a plan.

6 Six is connected to beauty, harmony and sometimes just a hint of stubbornness. 

Snow on Raspberries Rubus idaeus


When rigid boughs refuse to bend under extra weight, they may snap under pressure: great strength resides in flexibility.

Who you are today, and how you respond to this moment, are the only concerns worthy of your attention. As you release justifications and defences, you will adapt your expectations and enjoy the present moment. The outer world will maintain its own success without interference on your part. 

When you remove limits, restraints and obstacles, you can adapt your response to whatever appears. Fresh ideas will have room to bubble up from unexpected places. Allow the Now to refresh your interaction with Life.

7 The Number Seven is called The Teacher, it influences research, investigation and independent thinking. 

Beech Nuts Fagus grandifolia


People are learning from you, although there is no way to know exactly how your life is teaching. Celebrate the lessons that have made you wise. Release any regrets that linger in your awareness and applaud yourself for the progress you exemplify.

Who you see in the mirror today, and who other people think you are, may differ. Salute the Divine Intelligence which moves through your life, and comprehend the flow of wisdom that emanates from you.

This card reminds you that in all things you are the teacher as well as the student. 

Nothing that happened in your life was wasteful or unnecessary. Every moment, past and present, has value for the future. 

8 Eight is a symbol of balance and fairness, and the moving energy of breath.

Red Head Fountain Grass Pennisetum alopecuroides


Nature reveals life to us as an ever-moving, ever-changing cycle. Everything flows gradually and predictably without sudden leaps or instant transformations..

The same is true of human life. Sometimes your work will pay off, not immediately, but inevitably.

Life is flowing, and so long as you are prepared and willing to prosper, your soul will be nourished and your journey well-served.

The purple-red of these bottle-brush plumes evokes the energy of the Third Eye where you can access your deep wisdom. 

The flow of intuition and Cosmic Wisdom into your life is unceasing, and the appearance of this card in your reading indicates a surge in how often this happens, and how deeply it touches your awareness. 

9 Nine contains attributes of all the Numbers, and can be used to represent the concept of a unified universe

Blue Bead Lily Clintonia borealis

Eternal Love

In Western culture, lilies are often regarded as a funeral flower, and as a result they may be associated with relationships coming to an end. Love for you emanates from beyond the point of transition.

These Blue Bead Lillies are growing in the leaf-litter of the forest floor, using the nutrients of fallen, decaying leaves to sustain them: a physical representation of the unending cycle of life and death and life again. 

When the Blue Bead Lily appears in a spread, it is a reminder that every relationship is both temporary and everlasting. The card carries a message of Love as a great and powerful force which exists in a far greater dimension than simple Human life.

10 Ten has a value of One: the frequency of new creations and arrivals, it is the Self alongside the Whole.

Wild Roses Rosa canina


Human Life is multilayered, at times unfolding in clusters of experiences and incidents.

We accomplish a goal and feel complete, and then discover a new idea, a desire, or an obstacle, and begin to explore an unexpected tangent.

As we expand our understanding we uncover our Soul selves. When we identify the skills we have brought to share with the world, with careful attention we can discern the purpose they will serve.

For some, there are soul urges which follow us from childhood, for others, it is with maturity and social comfort that we are are able to connect with these truths.

When this card appears in a spread, the light of your awareness is preparing to shine.

11 Eleven is a symbol for two individuals, adding together into relationship. 

Goldenrod Solidago


Empathy is the word we use for sensibility to other people's emotions, and the imagination to share in awareness of the emotions and thought process of others.

Being an empath requires discipline. It is necessary to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the sensations, feelings and moods detected from others. 

At times, people may hide or submerge powerful emotions, either to protect the self or another empath.

Goldenrod has many purposes, and it nourishes multiple species of insects at various stages of their development; empathy also has applications in every relationship and interaction which engages it.

This card asks you to become intentional with your own empathy, and further to magnify your self-understanding around any issues you are concealing.

12 One plus Two equals Three. The Numbers represent the Seeker, an important relationship, and the resulting creation.

Sumac Rhus


The story of your life is both an intention and a decision. Before you entered into the Human Experience, you prepared yourself for particular aspects of learning. 

Take time to step back and find a deeper perspective: appreciate that today is the newest page in a long and ongoing tale.

Look back at different roles you have played, the influences that have changed you, and the choices that brought you to today. They connect in a coherent, factual way and the history you have been telling yourself may need to be amended.

This card carries the message that Now is time to become the storyteller of your own future. Each new chapter leads you further down your life-path. 

13 One is the individual, Three is a creation, and they add to become something practical.

Mock Orange Philadelphus


The Mock Orange appears to be something it is not, and there is a circumstance in our life that is not what it appears.

You are being asked to examine what you know and what you believe, and take the time to research things of which you are not certain.

We teach people how to treat us by what we will tolerate from them, it is important to examine the meanings and motives of anyone you do not fully trust.

When this card appears in a spread, Spirit is nudging you to examine and redefine your boundaries. As you identify deceptions, large and small, you will develop your judgement and once improved it will never be lost.

14 The novelty of a One joins the structure of Four to tap into energies of expansion.

Queen Anne’s Lace Daucus carota


The structure of your world is being adjusted. 

Examine the role you play in your community, circle and family, and honour the way your talents and accomplishments fit into the greater pattern. You are asked to be accountable for how your work impacts others, and how your words are being heard.

Fine lace is strong and sturdy, yet light can shine through, you are the designer in charge of how those threads shape the openings, and how the fabric works.

This card reminds you that every part of life is intricately connected to every other part. As you move forward, you are asked to be conscious of how your part is fitting into the engine of progress. 

15 When the Self expands there is beauty in the result. 

Brambles Rubis plicatis


The ability to create a single story from multiple sources is a gift which serves the world well.

This bramble vine will produce fresh fruit today and tomorrow and for days further ahead. 

Celebrate the experiences, good and bad, which swirled around you. You have coped with the realities and now you are in a place where what you have learnt in life is ripening into useful form, some for today and others for the future. You are an admirable and beneficial contributor to your community.

This card notes that the skills you have developed have great value What you have learnt in order to survive the changing circumstances of your life can help and inspire others.

16 When the Soul Identity sees Beauty, there is a lesson about the nature of all life.

Dandelion Taraxacum


Optimism is ‘positive expectation for the future’: an expression of emotional intelligence and confidence in survival. The wishes you have for tomorrow and next week are already coming to life, and Source energy will deliver them to you.

When you bake a tray of cookies, not every one is a perfect, symmetrical shape, yet they will all be beautiful and taste sweet. While each step towards your future might be slightly different from your expectation, the destination will fulfill your dreams and bring joy and expansion to your life. 

This card has appeared to reassure you that whatever doubts you feel, or what naysaying you hear, you are right to remain optimistic and focussed on your desired outcome.

17 As the One learns from the Teaching Seven, eternal endlessness flows without halt.

Rosehips Rosa canina


Berries do not ripen one at a time, they burst forth in clusters and bunches, announcing a season of abundance:.

This rose bush exhibits the result of all the rain, sunbeams, and insect visitors who have graced it in the past. Similarly, the cooperative efforts you have made are now reaching maturity. As your successes become evident, you are reaping the inevitable benefits of your supportive community in your life to date. When you allow the riches, you will have more than you imagined.

When this card appears in a reading, it is time to be generous with your blessings, to repay the kindnesses that have been shown to you, and to pay forward where you can.

18 One joins with the in-and-out breath of life and discovers the profound depths of human life

Barley Hordeum vulgare


Barley is an ancient grain that was cultivated early in the history of human settlement. Barley brings with it a sense of community and the societal growth that makes way for divine energy

When humans began to cultivate food grains, their vital skills were passed to new generations and entrenched in Human society.

The ability to manipulate crops, with cooking and brewing to nourish the people around us, is a benchmark of civilization. The free time afforded by centralized farming made space for the artists and crafters who discovered the meanings beyond mere survival.

When this card appears you are instructed to deal with food and feeding. Perhaps the music or other art that feeds your soul.

19 When the individual Self meets the All, there is a new beginning and nothing is impossible.

White Pine Pinus Strobus


Nature creates value. Every molecule has a role to play in the dance of Life, and the simple fact of existence is proof of potential significance and relevance. 

Equally, Nature creates constant change. When you feel that you have done all that you can in your current effort, transform yourself and embrace one of the infinite directions you can imagine travelling. The way forward cannot be defined and certain, as a result you are free to manipulate it by your choices. Sit with your wisdom, meditate or pray or hug trees. Allow all possibilities to suggest themselves.

You have drawn this card to dispel any doubts you may have harboured about your role and actions recently. 

20 The relationship between Two things nestles into Wholeness, and pauses, seeking certainty 

Snowy Rosehips Rosa canina.


When rose-hips are frozen solid they are unlikely to be eaten by the birds or small animals who would usually devour them hungrily. The temperatures that freeze and deep snow discourage the usual predators, and the fruit remain in place. 

Circumstances might create an atmosphere where waiting is more sensible than moving. Inactivity lets you protect your vulnerabilities while waiting for dangerous or negative situations to pass. You cannot change the weather, so use the time to envision the options when you next move ahead. Use the time for additional preparation and to clearly understand your motives.

This card asks you to examine the timing of your activities. Do not rush impulsively forward without understanding that lies ahead.

21 In relationships, and for individuals, decline creates something new.

Apples Malus domestica


In the physical plane, disintegration is a vital and valuable part of the cycle of life, and yet it is frequently regarded as a negative.

There is no benefit in clinging to things, ideas or attitudes whose time is over. You may need time to adjust your expectations before you distribute family heirlooms or stop clutching shame to your bosom. Take it. Protecting a reputation, an ideology or story only entrenches the need for additional protection. Exert your power: get ready and then let go.

This card has appeared to encourage you to prepare to release that which is keeping a part of your life closed. Permit the light reach into any darkness that lingers or lurks.

22 The rigidity of the Four (Two plus Two) prohibits movement until all parts have established how to relate.

Iced Rose Bush Rosa canina

Keeping Still

Sometimes there is no benefit in motion and reaction. Impulsive action can expose fragility and be detrimental to long term success. Taking time out to rest and restore energy is the most productive and progressive choice. 

Remain transparent while you rest, and be clear in your choice to gather your composure. 

Resting can be preparation. When you designate an interlude of keeping still, circumstances outside your realm will be readjusting and realigning, so that all things are new when the time comes to take action. 

Drawing this card is a call to objective observation of the movement in your life: Adjust your schedule to allow a time of rest and reflection. Allow insights to flow to you. 

23 When a pair adds creativity adaptation and adjustment are necessary for survival. 

Winter Branches Vitis vinifera


Hard effort cannot continue indefinitely: Rest is necessary for renewal. If you work at a desk, time spent in nature is a healthy distraction. If your work is physical, reading might provide different ideas. In these times of twenty-four-hour availability and the constant demands of communication technologies it is advantageous – although not easy – to disengage.

When you consciously shift your awareness into a new sphere you will enrich your experience. Broadening your relationship with diverse aspects of life will reveal connexions between topics and concepts that are important to you. 

Everything is part of an interconnected system, and when this card shows up in a reading, it is time to recognize how your focus affects multiple areas. 

24 The Twosome embracing structure look forward to such luxuries and beauty as can emerge. 

Peach Buds Prunus persica


Your experience to date may have disapproved and discouraged Thinking Big.

In response, you may have created a narrow vision of your destiny. 

Imposing limits on the impulses of your imagination can result in a vague or nebulous long-term view. In turn, choosing your next steps becomes difficult and even frightening. 

Paying attention to your soul’s impulses, without censoring them will bring clarity. 

Anaïs Nin wrote: ‘The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.’ 

This image is a reminder that much of your energy is currently clenched and resistant to change, and that you are now permitted to step forward, joyously, into progress.

25 As a duo grows, reaching and striving from within, they reach toward the teachings of the cosmos, 

Hawthorn Crataegus monogyna


Take time to enjoy your accomplishments. Do something you love: visit a favourite place that excites or calms you. Dance a jig in your kitchen! Give yourself pats on the back, and share your milestones with people who support you.

No matter how much distance remains ahead, be sure to acknowledge how far you have travelled.

In the Here and Now you have successes that are worthy of notice. You have overcome the obstacles, triumphed over the negatives, and you deserve to be here. Step back and find the long view of your remarkable performance in the last few months.

When this card appears in a reading, it is calling your attention back to this, specific moment. 

26 Pairs working with the duties of life will always connect to the river of blessings 

Ox-Eye Daisy Leucanthemum vulgare


Any result is the final outcome of a chain of activities and actions, each of which was formulated by a decision made after careful examination of alternatives.

The image of this daisy as an eye suggests that we look deeply and scrutinize the options while remaining focussed on making the decision without delay. 

The ox does not worry about work due next season or next week: it looks at what is necessary in the Here and Now, and gets down to the job, and accomplishment follows.

When this card appears the message is to stay inside your own skin and maintain an appropriate and view of what is now and next. The ramifications are not your responsibility.

27 When associations exist only for learning, then endings are inevitable. 

Rotting GrapesVitis vinifera

Too Late

To everything there is a season. All activities, relationships and circumstances reach a time of greatest potency and value. When you wait longer, or when something holds you back, you may miss the moment of maximum benefit. 

There is no reason for regrets or recriminations. No failure has occurred. This is a blessing.

The impulse to wait until the situation changed was exactly correct. The chosen path, the obvious one, was not serving your life and destiny to the greatest good, and the delay has allowed for realignment. 

Relaxing after we have missed a particular boat allows us to choose among the other boats, the cars and planes and walking trails that we had not noticed before.

28 The unending flow of cosmic wisdom connects strangers and commences new phases of life 

Mugo Pine Pinus mugo


Evergreen trees do not lose their leaves to indicate the conclusion of a season, they remain green through all twelve months, the needles being shed and replaced continuously.

The Mugo Pine reminds you that you need not adhere to the schedules imposed by systems or people around you. You can choose your timetable based on your own needs and wishes.

The new growth at the ends of branches are called candles. They are a wonderful symbol for a light leading you forward to end to your questioning tunnel. They also represent the light that you shine into the world.

When this card appears in a reading, it is an acceptable time to move forward towards your goals. 

29 When conclusions arise between two individuals, a path is forged to new combinations

Deadly Nightshade Atropa belladonna

Pay Attention

Trustworthy people are trusting. Unfortunately not every situation is exactly as it appears, and accepting everything at face value can be naïve. Assuming the best can result in broken promises, unanticipated outcomes and even betrayal.

It is prudent to pause, and to oversee or review the details rather than delegate everything. Take the long view of the situation and avoid rushing impulsively forward. Re-evaluate all the clauses and vague language, read the small print, call the references. There are hazards, and you are warned in order to be vigilant.

This card appears when there are potentially harmful circumstances imminent. Investing a few minutes of your time to ascertain the pertinent details now, can save you difficulties later.

30 The wholeness of all life and energy combines with creative energy in an expression of joy.

Mallow Malva


Mallow has become associated with a sense of fun and community, and it is often featured in the folk art of Eastern Europe. Other activities, such as dancing and storytelling have been sidelined by modern technology, and deserve a chance to be enjoyed again.

The textile work that was traditionally in the hands of women, including all the weaving and embroidery, is no longer necessary for the making of vital clothing. Alongside folklore and dancing, such work can now be adopted as a rewarding and enjoyable hobby

This card comes to tell you that the time is at hand for fun and laughter and the setting aside of worries and work, at least for a short time.

31 The individual is a portal for Creative energy arriving from All That Is and becoming real.

Lilac Syringa vulgaris:.

New Love

Lilac is a colour akin to the Third-Eye chakra which enables sight of the Unseeyn. 

Like the tiny buds in the picture, the Love in your personal field is on the verge of expanding in new directions. 

A new baby or recent romance might invite this idea into your awareness. More likely it is drawing your attention to the Love that is the very fabric and nature of the Universe. It is not new, it is changing is where you are directing it. 

When lilac appears in a card spread you are reminded that Divine Love is unconditional. Be conscious that the Love Energy which is within you flows to for you, and from you without limits.

32 Creativity joining into new chains of being, and travelling forward.

Brambles Rubus plicatis


Growth and expansion are the gifts of stepping out, although there may be stress about leaving behind your accustomed path. Comfort and familiarity keep life small. 

The way forward has never been a road before, and the making of it is a colossal undertaking. You may feel some resistance, unwillingness to be Out Front.

Your life to date has prepared you for exactly this task. You will recognize the first steps toward progress when you lead others into new realms of fulfillment. 

This card has chosen you today because you are being called to be a pioneer of the future. The work ahead of you will reveal new directions for maximizing how the Human experience is expressed. 

33 Intuitive impulses flow with double intensity, exciting you as you create beauty and benefit to the world

Cat’s Ears Hypochaeris radicata 


Cat’s Ears remind you that when you are inspired, your actions are important to the futurand the community. The ideas you channel into the Physical realm will inform the lives of others, and travel further than you can imagine. 

Each seed of Cat’s Ear fruit has the single purpose of continuing life. Likewise, your life-affirming thinking will travel widelyextending the impact of your passionWhen you are thrilled by the reality of your role in life, your influence will spread on the currents of communication and land in places you cannot predict or control. 

This card reminds you that your excitement is a vibration of alignment; your actions promote the Expansion of Source Energy.

34 When the creative meets the practical, brain power is supported and learning happens.

Mock Orange Philadelphus


Effective analysis combines practicality with imagination. As you remain realistic in your dealings with physical reality, you can have a great impact on the outcome when you use your imagination to foresee possible results. 

You connect beyond the world of assumptions. Your intellect and innate knowing let you see what has led up to this moment, and project potential outcomes. 

If you have been misled or deceived in the past, the difficult lessons of duplicity and fraud have a high value which will pay off when your hard-earned insight meets real-world dishonesty.

When this card arrives it is to reassure you that you have matured, or are gaining wisdom that will guide you away from potential problems. 

35 New concepts from the Cosmic stream, and expansion into the physical realm combine as infinite energy.

Sunflower Helianthus


Sunflowers turn their heads to follow the sun as it moves across the sky. Their faces move to take advantage of solar heat and light, without any possibility of influencing the sun itself.

You can do the same: quietly, mindfully, watch what is going on. Absorb the information which is on display. 

There are more lights than the brightest, more important voices than the loudest. Your greatest learning may come from witnessing darkness and failure. Seek comprehension and recognize how your own position can be adjusted to better serve the current forward motion.

The appearance of this card in your reading suggests that your naturally inquisitive nature can be satisfied through intelligence, careful observation and silent study.

The Spiderweb

The image of the spiderweb has inspired me for decades. The spider herself is a symbol of skilled industry, patient creativity and intentional strength.

Her web is a path of profound complexity which is capable of shining with the dew and reflecting the whole landscape in each drop.

To construct it, the spider has travelled back and forth, creating one strand at a time and interconnecting them, until the first and the last are indistinguishable from the whole.

The web is a connexion of time and space which asks for quiet in the mind of the viewer. When you observe, and trace the lines with your mind, you can create an inner space in which to hear your intuition, and be receptive to your own deep wisdom. 

Jo Leath 2019