Reiki with Number Vibrations

     Reiki is a natural healing system; an ancient laying-on of hands that is used to balance energy flow in the body and the surrounding energy field.
     Reiki provides deep relaxation and offers cosmic energy – Chi, or Life-Force to promote the natural healing ability of the body.
     Reiki restores flow within the Cosmic Energy that sustains your body and your spirit, and it removes blocks that are impeding your progress, or preventing the fullest possible experience of life.
      Clients report that Reiki sessions leave them feeling refreshed, their energies balanced, relaxed and somehow also energized -- the way the physical body feels after a massage.
    Jo receives the vibration of the Numbers into her energy field and transmits them to your physical body and surrounding aura. Thirty years of experience with Numerology is expressed in this way.
    Located near the village of Wakefield QC
egular single sessions are available, there is a 5/4 special for sessions received  by the end of March 2014.
     Buy four, get five, and enjoy the gains for yourself, or share with friends.
     Regular price $95/session, now 5 sessions for $380

From a Client:

    Having had experience with energy treatments (i.e., Bodytalk and accupuncture) and knowing people who have had Reiki, I was interested to see what a session with Jo would do for me. This is a bit of a summary of my first treatment with her.
     Jo describes this as being “massage for the aura”. Her description doesn’t do the treatment justice - it is all that, and more. The “more” for me included clearing a lot of fog and clouding that have sat around me for a long time.
     The treatment itself was a really pleasant experience. I lay on the massage table, closed my eyes, and let Jo do her work.      
     Even though her hands were never actually in contact with my body, I always knew exactly where she was working. I could feel things like a tingling in the area that her hands were over and a real warmth radiating out from her hands.
     The other thing that I felt during the treatment was a real relaxation and sinking into a really deep, almost meditative state. In fact, I actually zoned out part way through the treatment and fell into a deep, deep unconscious state. I zoned back in when she was almost finished, feeling incredibly relaxed, rejuvenated and replenished. It was like having 12 hours worth of sleep in about 20 minutes!!
     I noticed even better effects in the days following. I had amazingly vivid dreams that (after a bit of sitting and thinking about them) shone a light on the stumbling blocks that I knew were “there”, but that I couldn’t for the life of me describe. I slept like an absolute log for about a week - even though I’d had no trouble sleeping before this, I certainly noticed the difference and the benefit.
     Most of all though was the fact that the treatment opened my eyes and removed the haze that had sat around me for an age. I knew that the haze was there and that it was obscuring my view of the “what, why, how and where” of being me and really getting the most out of life. Even though I was certainly committed to moving forward, I couldn’t for the life of me see how to. The session with Jo helped me to see that path and to give me the impetus that I needed to take the first steps along it.
     One of the things that I really liked about the treatment was that it seemed to open the space to let me go forward at my pace. I remained in control and was only being given the energy and having the blockages removed that my body and soul were capable of dealing with at that time.
     Adding to the benefits of Reiki itself was Jo’s manner and delivery. I liked the way that I didn’t feel hurried through. She took the time to ask me if there were any particular things that I was looking to get out of the treatment and explained to me what Reiki was all about and how she came to combine it with her numerology experience. After the treatment, she told me what she’d found in my energy fields - blockages, imbalances, how my chakras worked, etc.
      After these positive results, I had no hesitation in going back to Jo for a couple of “tune-ups”.
     I would heartily and happily recommend getting a treatment from Jo to anyone out there - be it for a tune up, or a step up to the next level.

C.W.W. in QC