There was lots of laughter --- and heavy lifting!

September 2012. Installing a 7-circuit Cretan Labyrinth at Nan's Rock Shop and Spiritual Centre in Wilmot NS

     As the Nan's team prepared to create this labyrinth, they met and discussed the intention they held, and wished to imbue into the site.

     These intentions were recalled during construction, and named aloud when the task was complete and the drum awakened the path

     When you visit Nan's and elect to walk this path you may detect the invitation which has been encoded; and the openness to all respectful walkers

     You will be in a field which encourages your curiosity and will allow learning. It is  a place to connect the modern world with with the histories and myths that celebrate the mysteries of love.

     Made with paths of wood bark segregated by large chunks of granite from Nova Scotia's South Mountain, the walker on this path completes the connexion  with Mother Planet as rocks and trees and humanity combine energies. For the attentive Seeker, Mother Gaia's presence is palpable.

     When you walk the path to explore your own questions or problems or to reflect in gratitude and celebration this path will hold you in an embrace of love: human love, self love and most especially the Divine Love of the Cosmic Source.

     On the day of construction this labyrinth was asked to travel into the future carrying these intentions and to be a constantly used legacy of the builders.

It was a rainy day when we arrived and confronted the load of South Mountain Granite that was destined to become the Seven Circuit Cretan labyrinth at Nan's Rock Shop in Wilmot N.S. How rainy was it? Hurricane Lesley was passing nearby!
We marked the centre and the entrance, and put pegs at the borders of each path
And then the work began.
Circuit by circuit, with errors and changes, it slowly took shape
We test-walked to make certain we had it correct
and before long, the whole thing was beckoning us to journey into Labyrinth Energy
Later, the sun came out.