I am in Nanaimo, BC, meeting clients at Lobelia's Lair on Friday and Saturday. 
    I have some available slots for readings with Numerology and oracle cards
    Noon- 4 p.m. Friday June 15th
    10 a.m. - 4 p.m.Saturday June 16th   
321 Wesley St #8, Nanaimo, BC V9R 2T5 
(250) 753-5440

    During. June I will be offering a Special price for mini- readings with my Numerology Runes. 
     Special rate $25.00 regular $30.00

     2018 carries a vibration of meeting and relating in myriad ways. Understanding how the Number frequencies are impacting your personal energy field can help you make the very most of all that life can offer. Make an appointment today.
     You can tap into the information stored in your Numerology with a private, in-depth appointment.
A Quick Session is $55 and a Full Session $95.00 
(US sessions in US dollars)
e-mail:              branjo@activist.com     

Skype:              JoLeath

Twitter:             @journeyalign

Tumblr:               http://journeyintoalignment.tumblr.com/

LinkedIn:            Jo Leath

FaceBook  facebook.com/ExploringPathstoCosmicWisdom

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