During the next few weeks I am by the river in the  village of Wakefield QC.
      I have several evenings open to receive clients for card readings, Numerology, and more. Drop me a line at branjo@activist.com

       On Thursday 15 March 2018 at 10.30 a.m. I will be hosting a Silly Hat session (make a silly hat, wear it, laugh). 
         Also on Thursday 15 March, at 1.30 p.m. a VisionBoard Workshop will get underway.
        Bring a bag lunch if you'd like to stay for both.
     During the week before Easter, (March 26-29) I will be happily welcoming participants to learn about the I Ching Coin Oracle, the work of Masaru Emoto, and ways to connect with individual intuition.

     On Tuesdays in March I am continuing the six-part series on the Six Senses for the Conceptual Age
    This will be a combination of learning, brainstorming, and exploring how these 'senses' can be used to make the most of our personal lives.
    Sessions will be held in both morning and evening: choose the one that suits your schedule. 
       Empathy will be explored on 13 March,
       Play on 20 March 
       and Meaning on 27 March.
 $10 per session

      2018 carries a vibration of meeting and relating in myriad ways. Understanding how the Number frequencies are impacting your personal energy field can help you make the very most of all that life can offer. Make an appointment today.
     You can tap into the information stored in your Numerology with a private, in-depth appointment,
from $95.00
 (US sessions in US dollars)
e-mail:              branjo@activist.com     

Skype:              JoLeath

Twitter:             @journeyalign

Tumblr:               http://journeyintoalignment.tumblr.com/

LinkedIn:            Jo Leath

FaceBook  facebook.com/ExploringPathstoCosmicWisdom

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