I will be at the End of the Line Boutique in Wakefield QC on Saturday 21 July 2018 from noon to 4 p.m.

    I have some available slots for readings with Numerology and oracle cards
     During the week of July 15th I will be in Wakefield, offering discounted readings as I become familiar with some additional card decks. email me (see below) for more details.

     2018 carries a vibration of meeting and relating in myriad ways. Understanding how the Number frequencies are impacting your personal energy field can help you make the very most of all that life can offer. Make an appointment today.
     You can tap into the information stored in your Numerology with a private, in-depth appointment.
A Quick Session is $55 and a Full Session $95.00 
(US sessions in US dollars)
e-mail:              branjo@activist.com     

Skype:              JoLeath

Twitter:             @journeyalign

Tumblr:               http://journeyintoalignment.tumblr.com/

LinkedIn:            Jo Leath

FaceBook  facebook.com/ExploringPathstoCosmicWisdom

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