I Ching, Updated

It has been a year since ‘business and usual’ was suspended in favour of prolonging the lives of people. What began with closures, suspensions, delays and postponements rapidly evolved into the realization that the world had changed, and would not change back. 

Like other people I am approaching the anniversary of my last foray out into the world.

I say fortunate because I am able to remain safely in my home, and avoid any risk of being exposed to the virus. I am particularly fortunate that my temperament is very suited to isolation. To experience as much solitude as I choose in a time when technology permits me all manner of social and public activity has been an unexpected delight.

Last year, on Friday, March 13th I was at Otherworld, an amazing small business in Ottawa, sharing information about the I Ching Coin Oracle. I met some new people, some of whom remain in my life now, and I energized my own relationship with the I Ching which has been part of practice since 1984, sometimes every day, and other times put away for part of a year before bursting back into consistent presence.

During this time of isolation, I have discovered that there are modern practitioners who have streamlined some aspects of the I Ching, and created card decks.  I have worked with a couple of these, and there is some satisfaction in the results. I think they were first offered as a way to create a simple path to the wisdom the I Ching can share. They are easy to work with, although the responses are much less nuanced than those gained when working in the traditional way. 

The cards offer valuable guidance. I find myself reminded of the difference between a cake made by adding eggs to a powdered mix, as compared to an original creation in a patisserie.  Different questions call for different approaches, and neither is wrong: the choice depends on whether the questioner is seeking a deeply textured and detailed answer, or a quick one-or-two-liner.

         As I move towards the second year of weekly FaceBook Live readings I have a deck of mini I Ching cards, which will lend themselves to that format, and I plan to use them on Friday 12 March. 

Stop by, if you can, or watch the video later.

        If you have a need for specific or subtle information on some aspect of life, consider booking a session with me. Much can be uncovered and discovered by delving deep into the oracle which has been in continuous use since before the traditional teachings were written down between 1000–750 BCE. 
      There is more information in this post from last year 

There are many aspects to my work which can help you to focus your activities and enjoy the expansion that 2021 supports. 

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