I Ching Coin Oracle

     The I Ching oracle works with synchronicity to create lines which are then arranged in groups of three and six, and interpreted with the aid of a book.
     The I Ching is one of the oldest books in the world today, and alongside the Hebrew Scriptures one of only two that have been in continuous use for thousands of years.
      I Ching, the Book of Changes is a divinations system: a way to engage with Unseen energy and access insight into the questions with which we are faced.
     Scholars say that the system began at least 4000 years ago when a teacher named Fu Xi  named the hexagrams.  
     Wen Wang, known as King Wen of Zhou, wrote the judgements for the hexagrams, about 3000 years ago, (1,000 BCE). His son, the Duke of Zhou, then wrote each of the lines.
     500 years later, Confucius was born in the same region, and studied these works as part of his own education. The Book of Changes was eventually adopted for regular use by followers of Confucianism.      
     Readers here are probably very familiar with the Yin/Yang symbol, and the unity and interplay that it represents. From the energy of that interplay comes the duality that we see in the physical world, and the I Ching shows these two as broken (yin) and solid (yang) lines.
     There are eight combinations of three lines, known as trigrams. These trigrams are stylized images of the constituents of the physical world: heaven, thunder, water, mountain, earth, wind/wood, fire/lightening, and lake. These eight can be complied in pairs, stacked as hexagrams. There are 64 possible combinations, all addressed by the ancient texts from Wen Wang and his son, which have been translated and expanded over the centuries: they came into English a little more than a hundred years ago.
      In modern times, the I Ching is used to answer specific questions. Accessing the wisdom of synchronicity is not a simple yes or no prospect. Our lives are more complex than that, and the I Ching does not answer with yeses or nos. The way it is structured requires that we step back a little to formulate the exact question we want answered. In the answer we will find the surrounding and supporting reality, the lives of the people in our days, and the ways in which we tread on the earth, it asks us, like all systems of connexion, to find self-understanding and then take responsibility for the impact we create in the community around us. 

     On the evening of Saturday 25 January 2020 I will be leading a session called  “The Magic of the I Ching Coin Oracle” at Otherworld Otherworld Treasures - Alternative Wellness & Metaphysical Boutique, 29, Marier avenue in Ottawa
     Attendees will learn about the history of the I Ching and The Book of Changes, the role of synchronicity in modern life, and how to generate and record the eight symbolic trigrams and sixty-four hexagrams.
     There will be time to practice, to ask questions, and to work with the changes that appear in the reading.
     Investment $25, call to reserve your spot (613) 262-4626

     Using the I Ching or other methods to locate and understand way forward can be begin in any moment.
I have been supporting clients as they access this information since the 1980s.

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