Frequently Asked Questions about Numerology

Numerology is a way to interpret the frequency of the energy in the Universe. 
        As Spiritual Beings who are enjoying a human, physical experience, we are able to connect with deep non-physical information in many ways.
Numerology allows us to discover the plans we had for this lifetime – a little like choosing the courses we would take in the Earth School.
 It can help you to connect to the energies that you brought into this lifetime. Some people are here to focus on creativity. Others plan to explore profound emotions. 
         A Numerology chart can help to discover your individual focus. 

What would I find out in a short Numerology session? 

For a Quick Session, I work with your date of birth. 
I put the day, month and year Numbers into a grid like a tic-tac-toh frame. Then I can locate lines, each of which indicates specific attributes you carry or work you have come to accomplish.
        I can also calculate the energy that is with you for the current calendar year, and for the year from your last to your next birthdays. 

What can I discover from a Full Numerology Chart?

First you will learn your Major Numbers, which come from the total values of all the letters in your name and numbers in your date of birth.  Vowels and Consonants are totalled separately, and then a grand total is made. 
As the Major Numbers are interpreted, you will recognize your persona, and affirm what you know about yourself. If you are struggling with your sense of self, Numerology can bring clarity.
Your name and date-of birth show your emotional make-up, and how you respond to the world, and the situations and relationships you are involved with.
You would see what kind of energy you bring to the four Planes of Expression: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Intuitive. 
  Your Numbers will identify some of your dreams and wishes. You are likely to find the Intentions you brought with you when you entered the Human Experience in the form of talents and avocations. 
A full chart sets out a time-table, showing when major events happen in your life, and a little about the learnings that could come from that. You will be able to see where your experiences have aligned in the past, and be informed to accurately prepare for the energies that are, and will be, around you.  
Why would I get a Numerology session? 

A lot depends on what you are looking for. 
I prepare charts for individuals who are engaged in Personal Development and seeking insight into how and why they interact with the world as they do.
I do compatibility charts for couples who want to understand how to make the most of their differences and celebrate their alignments with each other. 
I have made charts for grandparents who want to learn about new babies arriving in the family.
I consult on business names, addresses, finding the ideal day for weddings or launches or openings.
I have, over the years, made charts for the characters in a novel at its beginning stages. I often help people to decide among new names and name-changes, and the timing for them. 
What do you charge for Numerology Sessions?

My rate for FaceBookVideo or Zoom sessions is 50$/ 30 minutes or 95$/hour.
Prices for preparing charts and consultations are listed on the Readings Tab, and they take into account the time it takes to prepare the very individual information. The hourly rate for preparation work is much lower than the meeting fee.

When I have Special Offers, they are featured on the Website opening page.