Coming Events 
January 2020

Saturday 18 January  

from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m
at Otherworld, 29 Marier Street. Ottawa
Numerology Forecast for the New Year
Locate your position on your personal cycle of Numbers, and see how your Cosmic energies are supporting your endeavours in 2020. 
$60/30 minutes and $100 / 60 minutes

Saturday 25 January   

from 6.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m
at Otherworld, 29 Marier Street. Ottawa
The Magic of the I Ching Coin Oracle

I Ching is an ancient Chinese system of divination, which uses coins to access Synchronicity. The sides of the coins are interpreted in terms of the principles of yin and yang.
     This coin oracle has been used continuously for thousands of years, and was first written down between 1000–750 BCE, to preserve its long oral tradition.
      I Ching readings have informed rulers how to govern; generals how to prepare for battle; families how to embrace change, and Seekers how to evolve. I Ching is very effective for specific questions which are not simple Yes/No binaries. Questions like: What will be the result if I do [this]? What would my life look like if I [made this choice]?
     In this session you will learn: 
~ a little history of the I Ching and The Book of Changes. ~ the role of synchronicity in modern life
~ how to generate and record the eight symbolic trigrams and sixty-four hexagrams of the I Ching, and a chance to practice 
~ how to predict the changes that appear in the reading.
~ where to find interpretations for the reading.
Investment $25
Readings are now available with Jo Leath's own deck: 
The Wisdom of the Garden Path

Sunday 19 April  rescheduled from January

from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m
at Otherworld, 29 Marier Avenue. Ottawa
Unlocking Labyrinth Energy
This day will include learning some of the history of the labyrinth, how it is used in modern times, and how it can enhance the everyday life of anyone.
We will look at some of the many symbols encoded in various types of labyrinth, and see where int he world they can be found.   
After a circle ritual on the canvas labyrinth (pictured) participants will be able to take time to walk the path and feel the energy of it. 
 There will be time to learn about the Seed Pattern, and to draw a path using it.     
There will also be an opportunity to explore table-top labyrinths which can be walked with fingers or a stylus, and to discuss the differences in those experiences.

Information on hand will include Tony Christie's Labyrinth Wisdom Cards, and with consensus, a group reading will be drawn.

Jo will be sharing information about the Intentional Path, which is the intersection where the Labyrinth meets the Number Grid, and creates a tool for understanding some of the life challenges we came to work through when we elected to enter the Human Experience at this time.   
Investment: $70

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