October 2021

     The Cosmic Five Energy of 2021 (2+0+2+1=Five) continues.
      In October we gain a small peek into the Six Energy that will be present for all of 2022.
     Six brings forth beauty and service and makes the world a better place. When we live into the vibration of Six, our community is uplifted by our example and our actions. There is benefit on multiple levels.

    On Friday 1 October at 7 pm Eastern, I will be joining my colleague Tanya Chamberland for a FaceBook Live event, drawing cards.  
For more details, Search your Facebook for the "Power & Wisdom" Online Event, 
or copy <facebook.com/events/240980217975695> into your browser.    

     A Reiki session moves and promotes positive energy in your personal field -- your aura, which impacts how you are able to perceive yourself, your thoughts and emotions, and your world. 
     During September I am offering Distant Reiki Sessions using Zoom. Find more details on the Readings and Sessions tab.

Readings are available with my deck: 
The Wisdom of the Garden Path  
as well as other decks 
to help find clarity 
with your situation or question.
available for purchase at the Oracle Card tab
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