Jo’s Creed:

I believe in Divine, Immortal, and unconditionally Loving energy which is the Source of all things, and includes all things Seen and Unseeyn.

I believe that each of us is a part of that energy, choosing to experience the physical realm in order to promote the growth of understanding and compassion within our collective nature.

I believe that the Human Experience occurs simultaneously on the Physical, Mental and Emotional Planes, without ever abandoning the Spiritual Dimension which is home to the Soul.

I believe that it is through our actions and interactions that we are able to expand the Mind of Source. That in Human form we learn how to create and share reverence for life and commitment to community. I believe that the intention of Human life is the realization of the Self as the channel through which Divine Love can be breathed into the world. 

I believe that there is no beginning and no end to Spirit or to Life, and that the voice of Source is harmony and the wisdom it imparts is forever available to us when we listen. 

I believe that we are living now in a small moment of Eternal Time, and we are here together because All is One. For these truths I am grateful.

So might it ever be.