In ancient Scandinavia the Feast of Juul was the twelve days after Winter Solstice, celebrating the rebirth of the sun.  Some histories record that the word juul or jol meant festive and jolly comes from the same root. Jol also moved into Old French as jolif and became joli meaning "pretty".  
Yule is claimed to originate with the ancient word for Wheel, and applies to these days in the Northern year when the turning of the sun’s path through the sky seems to pause and turn.

This is a time when the reduction in the length of daylight hours ceases, pauses and is replaced by slightly longer days. It is a time suited to celebrating the triumph of light over darkness and day over night. Embracing jollity as an aspect of seasonal festivities is easy to understand.
As we close out 2018, though, there are circumstances and situations which seem to contradict the possibility of a jovial festival. There is much wrong with society, and for those involved in this larger transformational time of Shift, there is sometimes an inclination to feel a little defeated.
To remain focussed and effective in the small world where I can have direct impact, this is a good time for me to reflect on what I have done over the last year. I can use the long evenings for reflection about decisions made, relationships begun and ended, and the successes (or not) of activities with which I have been involved.

There is no mandatory time for self-examination and evaluation, yet somehow this time of year lends itself to looking a little deeper. We can look at our motives, and understand what we are seeking from our behaviours. Do we want people to think of us as something other than we are? Why? What is gained and what is lost in that exchange?
It is possible that the solar cycle, with its long nights and short days, is providing a metaphor for those people who are living lives that feel less light than they would like.  
Perhaps this coming year we can move out of unconscious patterns. Perhaps we can plan that by next Yule, we will be making conscious choices about where we shine light and how much darkness we allow -- and refuse to allow -- into our hearts.  
        Let there be jollity, everyday.
Wherever you may be in your personal cycles they are encoded in your Numerology Chart, and you can use that knowledge to your own best advantage. The discoveries you make there can help you to focus your activities and enjoy your growth and your life. 
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