Women and Cosmic Dance

     International Women's Day commemorates the movement for women's rights.
     IWD was first celebrated under the name of International Working Women's Day, and it has been celebrated each year since the earliest recorded observance on February 28, 1909, in New York. The annual date is now March 8.

[Image shows an impression of the head and shoulders of a dancing woman. Stars twinkle all around, and the background is of a blue sky with fluffy white clouds. The hair of the dancer is in motion as though she is spinning, and there are feathers around her shoulders and head. ]
     This is an ideal day for musing on the topic of the Divine Feminine, and this week I came across some decade old writing of mine, on just this issue.
     In an article entitled “The Dancing Goddess” I wrote about the concept of the Cosmos being born of the goddess, a philosophy of life which identifies creative power as a feminine force. The womb, as the container of new life, is a key to our unity as a people: each of us inevitably originated in a maternal womb, a reminder of our shared humanity as a planetary population.
     Non-human life moves to the same rhythms as humans, and artistic renderings of the dancing goddess often show her surrounded by plant life, holding feathers or animal companions. Sometimes she is trailing ribbons, adding an image of nets which reflect the steps of her dance, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all things.  Her curved, uplifted arms remind us of the Lunar Cycle that moves the oceans and  lights our darkness. The theme highlights cycles of life and regeneration, cycles without which we would not exist.
[Image is a black and whit picture of a statue of a naked goddess in an outdoor setting. The background is a leafy tree. The goddess is looking down and to her left side, her left arm touching her right shoulder, as though she is mid-spin]
  A still picture of the dancing goddess rarely communicates the constant change of a dance. As the dancer shifts into new and fleeting positions, so does feminine energy adapt to changing requirements of the world and the Universe. This is opposite to the idea of a perfect universe which sprang obediently into creation and is forever held in the total power and control of its creator.
     Change can be a reason for celebration, keeping joy at the heart of our experience. Exploration and questing and new comprehensions are within our reach if we will only move with the pulse of life towards the dance. On a day of honouring the women of the world in all their diverse accomplishments, the idea of the ever-moving Dancing Goddess can suggest the potential of tomorrow, and the unknowable wonders that can present themselves to our daughters. #BeBoldForChange

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