Within and Without
     This week I have been thinking about fact that I am not very interested in surfaces.
     This has been true for a long time, possibly first being validated when I saw the PBS series Bradshaw On the Family soon after it was first broadcast in 1985.
John Bradshaw's books changed my way of being -- with myself and thereafter in the world. He educated me about the concept of the Inner Child: that part of me which continued to bring unresolved childhood issues into my adult behaviours.
     Personality is invisible. There is no way to hold up a personality and examine or adjust it. It is thoroughly non-physical, and yet it seems to have many layers. The structure of personality is onion-like: as I find clarity about an issue, Lo! there is something more to examine underneath.

     In the physical body, too, there are systems within systems. My unified-looking body is, in fact, a collection of organs and chemical reactions. Every part of me is made of molecules which are made of atoms which are made of  particles which are largely empty.
     According to Bill Bryson “The nucleus of an atom is tiny -- only one-millionth of a billionth of the full volume of the atom -- but fantastically dense, since it contains virtually all the atom’s mass.”
     Author William H. Cropper wrote that 'if an atom were expanded to the size of a cathedral, the nucleus would be only about the size of a fly -- but a fly many times heavier than the cathedral'. Teachings about how the Unseen can shape our world are surely supported by the scientific certainty that the innermost layer of physical being is not physical.
     Surrounding our form there are layers, as well. We are aware of the slender envelope of heat that surrounds our warm-blooded bodies. Get close enough to someone, and even before we touch, we can feel the change of temperature as body-heat emanates from the skin.

     Reiki practitioners learn about the many 'bodies' within which we live. The etheric body, emotional, mental and astral fields, and also the causal and celestial layers.
     Our life-energy moves through these layers in a doughnut-like shape called a torus.

Energy in the torus flows from the outside to the centre and through, and when we are near other people, our energies overlap.

     When we contemplate the reality of the Unseen within us and the Unseen all around us, we are reminded how small is The Seen. Placing our energy on cosmetic and decorative aspects of life might be distracting us from the work we are here to do.

I have been supporting clients through life changes since the 1980s, accessing many Unseen energies in the process.
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