Numerology: What is it for?

Numerology first came into my life in 1983, and it has been a presence ever since. Most of my clients are looking for some self-knowledge or are working on becoming fully authentic in their human experience, over the years, I have also been asked to explore other uses for Numbers.
I rarely talk or write about these other aspects, although some of them are, in fact, frequently in front of me as I provide clients with the information they seek.
The idea that some days are more auspicious than others is found in many cultures. “Auspicous” being a label applied to a day that may open up a new, bright future. Choosing and auspicious day to move into a new home, or to get married, can be accomplished with Numerology. It can be used alone, or in support of astrological and other traditional systems.

As well as setting a date for a wedding, some people use Numerology to create Compatibility Charts for the couple. In this way that can clearly understand their similarities and differences, as they choose to live together. 
Later, many grandparents purchase Infant Charts in order to better understand new babies being born into the family. Individuals born into the 2000s are very different from the people who populated the lives of the grandparent generation, and Numerology can help provide insights that can smooth family relationships.
As well as selecting an auspicious date to move into a home, a Numerological look at the address can help to understand the spirit of the place. We always have the ability to mould the energies around us, and knowing the frequencies might influence whether the homeowners use ‘Road’ or ‘Rd.’,’Ave.’ or ‘Avenue’ when they write about that location.

Adjustments like that can be applied to personal names, nicknames and business names s well, and it is always interesting to know what vibrations are carried in the names other people choose for you. Danny and Dan-o add up differently, and sometimes reveal an unconscious expectation that the nicknamer carries. Tweaking your own name, adopting Debra instead of Debbi changes the Numerological total, and calls in vibrations that might be auspicious alternatives to the ‘Debbie’ kept for career circles. 
The good news is that we can each choose our own way of being!
Numerology can be used when we design a new email address, or select a phone number from the options presented, or when we name a pet.

I once had a fiction writer ask me to make charts for characters in her novel. There really are no limits to the possible uses of understanding personalities and Life Intentions. 
Calendar work is all about alignment and being in the place of flow. The most common use in my own life is aligning activities to the energy of the day, while maximizing the positive impact of my personal vibration. 
If you are not already reading the monthly forecast blogs, I recommend that you pay attention, and see what ease follows when you allow the Cosmos to unfold for you.

There are many aspects to Numerology which can help you to focus your activities and enjoy the very best that life can bring. I have been practising Numerology and supporting clients through life changes since the 1980s.
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