The Water Cycle is an elementary/primary school lesson that never loses relevance.  It is notable today because
 World Water Day, is observed around the World on March 22, and the media are talking about it: discussions which often focus on contamination, floods, erosion and drought.

     I was contemplating the Water Cycle and I realised that all physical life on Earth is organised into self-renewing cycles, and while water may not be a living entity, it is a vital part of all living things.

      Astronomers identify the possibility of finding life on nearby planets and far-away bodies according to the possibility of those places hosting water. Artists have imagined exoplanets with lakes and oceans that could host life not too unlike the life that we know.

     In my work, water is often a metaphor. The Cycle, too is an integral part of my personal worldview. Tools like the Tarot Deck have always included the Wheel of Fortune card, which references the turning of a wheel or circulation of energy that is eternal in its decay and renewal.


The physical human body is not so very different from a tree. My body will grow and age and return to the earth.

     I believe Human Souls are also part of a cycle. The energy which is Me, as I live in this particular body, has arrived from the Unseen. While here, I am a part of the Physical Realm, and when my physical body no longer supports it, then I will return to the Unseen.

     There are clues to our eternal nature in numerous places, and it is a gift of life that we are free to choose to explore the possibilities. My bias is to suggest you explore with Numerology. ... anytime ... 

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