Walk as One

     Numbers and Number vibrations are always with us, and there are many benefits to connecting with those frequencies which are present in our ever-shifting personal energy fields
     Energy Field is a label that can be applied to many different features, and people working in diverse areas may use the label to describe varied unseen elements of the world.
     The human body, like that of any mammal, creates heat, and that heat can be detected from a small distance, without touching the skin. This invisible heat-cloud around a person could be called their heat-energy field. It is invisible and it cannot be denied.
     Additional layers of energy are deemed by Spiritual and energy workers to make up an “aura” which extends much further from the skin. The aura of any individual is big enough that when people are in proximity to each other, their energies overlap. It makes sense that it is possible to detect the mood of another person or receive a “good vibe” or a “bad feeling”. We can know, when we walk into a room, whether the conversation that suddenly stopped has been filled with anger or with secrecy. This innate ability can atrophy; it can also be trained and returned to full function.
     Kirlian photography, developed by scientists of the Soviet Union, showed that their equipment could detect the energies around plants as well as humans and animals. The technique, also called "corona discharge photography" reveals and records energies in the area outside the edge of a physical item: a circle of radiance which the human eye cannot detect. Acknowledging the presence of this energy field allows us to examine how one energy interacts with others.
     These fields are not limited to living things, although it may be residual life-energy that can create an energetic field in a place. Buildings, whether used as homes or something else, can hold and express energy. We are all familiar with ‘spooky’ houses, and with buildings that ‘welcome us’ inside.
     Some people who are sensitive to reading energy fields can describe the energy-mood of entire neighbourhoods or cities. Few would argue that it is possible to ‘feel’ a difference between a coffee-chain outlet in Ottawa and a sister-outlet in Paris or Tokyo. The energies of the French and Japanese people are different from those in Ottawa and are embedded in the very furnishings of the space.    
     As we become aware of the existence of energy fields in public spaces, so we can begin to identify them. The next stage of this sensitivity is to work towards altering them. The vibrations of meditation or prayer or chanting can set a new baseline of calm in a place where anger or violence have been expressed, and residual energy remains.
     There are few events which are designed to shift the vibration of the energy field of the entire planet, and yet there are some. Fire the Grid and Global Coherence Initiative are two with which I am familiar.
     As a certified labyrinth facilitator, I am involved with World Labyrinth Day. This is an event intended to create a wave of peaceful energy washing across the time zones and elevating the vibration of the planetary energy field. Labyrinths have existed for more than 4,000 years, and have been used for symbolic pilgrimages and various and varied spiritual practices. In this world of consistently divided attention labyrinths have re-emerged as people seek ways to find focus and connect with their inner wisdom and Cosmic truth.
     On the first Saturday of May each year, May 2nd in 2015, thousands of people all over the world will walk a labyrinth, or trace a desk-top labyrinth with an intention to promote peace.
     Beginning at 1 p.m. in the Pacific island nation of Kiribati, an energetic field of unity and peace will be transmitted into the atmosphere. An hour later, as 1 p.m. arrives in New Zealand and Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula, the intention for unity and peace will be amplified. This vibration will ripple around the planet, growing and expanding with each individual who participates.
    This is the seventh annual World Labyrinth Day. Labyrinth Society event coordinator, Lars Howlett, is predicting that walks will be held in all 50 American states and a total of 50 countries around the world. “It’s heartwarming to think of hundreds of people walking in Australia, Poland, Scotland, and Colombia, among other countries where participants organized local events last year,” notes Howlett. “The first person to sign up this year is from Zambia!”   
     A temporary seven-circuit Cretan labyrinth will be installed in the outdoor seating area at the Maison de Thé Chelsea Teahouse, and desk-top labyrinths will be available inside. There will be additional information available for anyone interested.
    To find a WLD event near you, check the Labyrinth Society page 

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