Three Fears, One Chart

According to Rabbi Michelle Missagieh, all people share three universal fears: that those we love won’t ever really understand us, that we don’t have the ability to make a difference in the world, and that we won’t succeed when we are put to the test.
The opposite of Fear is Love, and as Elisabeth Kübler-Ross says “If we're in fear, we are not in a place of love. When we're in a place of love, we cannot be in a place of fear.” 
It follows, therefore, that when we conduct our lives in love, we will overcome those universal fears almost effortlessly. 

A Numerology chart holds evidence of Love. 
Numerology reveals that we made the decision to enter into the Human Experience. This is an expression of Love for ourselves, and the growth of our individual soul. It also shows that we are here to promote the Spiritual development of the entire community.
In our birth numbers we see proof that the correct energy accompanies us: we chose the day of arrival into the physical world to suit our personalities to the life we intended. 
Arriving, we landed in the sphere of people who would name us.  This would prepare us for the tasks ahead, and is also an act of love. The contracts we forged while still in Spirit were fulfilled, resulting in satisfaction for all sides. 
Those we love won’t ever really understand us? Yes, yes they do.
We are adults before we are likely to encounter or grapple with our Numerology chart. As we connect to the information there, we can see that in fact our very arrival here is proof that others understand our quest and our intentions. We may well be harbouring a fear of not understanding ourselves, and once we learn the intricacies of our chart, that fear is alleviated. 
We came to the world to make a difference. We know that at the very depth of our being. We have an intention, described in the  Destiny Number of our chart: when we are not aligned with it we feel discontent. The Intentional Self Number can show the direction we need to move.
That we don’t have the ability to make a difference in the world? Our very existence does that.
Personality Number
There is no reason to fear: each individual presence in the world is already making change. When we entered the physical realm we changed the world for our parents and care-givers and anyone whose life overlapped with theirs. As children, we taught all the adults who came in contact with us, and our peers as well. Every interaction we have with another human being, changes the world, and rather than worry about the whether-or-not, we can place our energy into ensuring that the impact we have is a positive one. 

Most of us have overcome more challenges than we realise. We may interpret some of our responses as failures, and yet in those circumstances, too, we were setting and example and providing data for others to process: Success is a subjective term. 
      That we won’t succeed when we are put to the test? Sometimes we are so successful we don’t recognise the challenge until later.
In truth, when we commence exploration seeking our connexion with the Divine, we will discover Love.
When we begin the work of introspection, and when we learn more about who we are as individuals, we will be offered proof that we exist in, and because of, great Love.
  In my youth I heard the slogan “God is Love”, which is a noble way to describe what is the All Powerful Source of All Things . Before I turned 30, however, I realised that I prefer the idea that “Love is God.”

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