The Threes of March

As the third month of the year, March is a time when Three Energy can be called into ur individual lives. Three supports novelty and originality which allows us to be creative in whichever field we are working.
Three represents some of the activities of March, perhaps the most obvious being the three-leafed plants like clover and shamrock which decorate St Patrick’s Day on the seventeenth.
This March I have had additional Threes making themselves noticeable in my life. 
I recently received a new finger labyrinth in the design of the Triple Spiral. 
   Available Here 
I love the shape of the path, and I am especially drawn to the many symbols that can be applied to it, and specifically the Maiden - Mother – Crone. This month I will turn 65, the age at which I used to think I would be completely ancient. Certainly I embrace the idea of becoming a crone, and I would argue this has nothing to do with my age. 
It is also very clear to me how much my oldness is informed by my youth and middle years. Just as the path of my new labyrinth is a single path uniting the three parts, so my very personality has developed through all that I did and chose before. Past, Present and Future is another trio that rests with me in the Now.
Interestingly, on the day that my new labyrinth arrived, I finished reading The Path of the Holy Fool, a book that has been on my side table for several months. It is filled with profoundly fascinating ideas and stories, and I have taken my time, reading a little at a time, and thinking a lot. 
As I reached the final chapter I was reminded of the three questions with which the Fool is required to engage. What ails thee? How can I help? Whom does the grail serve? In this specific case, the Reverend Doctor Artress designates the labyrinth to be a grail, and answers accordingly.
This inquiry is not very far from that in Leo Tolstoy’s story “The Three Questions” which essentially asks When is the best time to do things? (Now). Who is the most important one? (the one you are with), and What is the right thing to do? (always do good for the one standing at your side).
One speaks of the individual, Two is about relationship, and Three is the place of Unseen inspiration, where Source Energy can permeate the physical and amplify the Human Experience.
My March has been particularly powerful this year, and I hope the month and the Spring are as stimulating for us all.

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