The Path which Contains

     For anyone who believes, as I do, in the immortal and eternal nature of the Soul, it is logical to think of a lifetime as a finite event.
       Each of us is living a physical experience which had a beginning and will have an end. All of our activities, relationships, learning and emotional responses will take place inside that enclosed event.
     Each individual human physical life, then, is self contained.
     When I was granted the new Numerology tool the Number Path, I learnt to combine the Number Grid with the labyrinth. As I began to work with it I recognized that the outer path of the labyrinth has very particular attributes.

    With this illustration of our lives, I saw that we arrive in the Human Experience: we enter the path at the One position. One resides in that place of creation: there was a void, and then there was the lifetime we selected.
     This first path is broad, and it encloses the entire chart. At the position of the Seven, it turns.  Seven is the first of the Spiritual Numbers, an energy that allows us specific learning that assists us in our intentions.
    We travel this path from birth until we are between 27 and 35, depending on our date of arrival. I call the path the Container, because it circumscribes everything that will come later. During those three decades, (give or take) we are exposed to our first families, education, socialization and relationships. Many on this path will greet the arrival of their own children who have come as teachers.
     These years set the tone for the rest of this life. We develop the skills and responses that we will need. Our ambitions are piqued and logic forged. We have created the conditions, within ourselves, which will serve us as we move into the intentions we brought when we arrived.

      We complete the Container Path while we are in a personal Nine year. We do not know everything the future may hold, and yet our way of being has been established. Willingness, or refusal, to learn is in place. Our coping styles, relationship models, and workplace strategies will all be informed by what has happened until this time.
How this was for me.
     At 27 I moved to Kamloops, BC, and despite many very positive circumstances, by 29 I felt unhappy and unsatisfied with life. It was easy to blame the prospect of the looming Big Three Oh. I characterized it as a life-crisis. I knew I needed to be somewhere else -- although I had no idea where. I packed a bag, and put the rest of my belongings into storage "for a year".
     I had been learning Numerology for a while, and I knew I was in a Nine Personal Year. The prospect of beginning a new cycle without making major changes was simply unfathomable. I bought a 30-day unlimited travel bus ticket and took myself off to see Canada. I paid for that storage locker until I was 37. Today I realize that the people and lessons who have stayed with me since Kamloops were already in place. It was time to move forward.
What I Hear.
     When I name the year and ask what happened, my clients almost always recognize the massive life change that occurred for them. Some were married, others divorced. Some greeted babies and others bid farewell to parents or other important influences. For some, this is the year that they read a book that shifted their thinking. Whatever happens to anyone as the Container Path turns, it is a vital time in life, and it holds clues, when we look back, to the Intentions we are here to achieve.

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