The Freedom of Spirit

       When we, immortal and eternal souls, arrive in the physical world, commencing our Human Experience, we get labeled according to obvious physical attributes. 
  Yet we are not merely physical beings, and even before we have spoken language, we are able to access the unseen Emotional Plane. We feel when we are safe and when we aren't. We recognize the physical senses like hunger and cold, and can feel fear if nothing happens to feed and warm us. We are capable of feeling secure and loved and comfortable when those conditions are present. We can anticipate with hope, and we can know sorrow and anger.

          The entire spectrum of emotions is ours: first as they reveal themselves echoing through our body, and later as we explore our own ability to move between the points. As we mature, we learn to observe our abilities, and to move from one emotion to another.  We can master techniques which replace unwanted feelings with something that feels better.

          To gain emotional mastery, we need to utilize our Mental Plane, our ability to think and conceptualize. When we recognize that feeling frustration can be soothed by thinking differently, we can reframe the role and purpose of the obstacle. As we find a thought-pattern where the frustration is merely a delay, then our thinking can initiate a Shift into a more comfortable feeling, like resignation.

          As we age and gain experience of the world, we may find that some so-called truths do not feel right to us. Sometimes our Emotional and Mental wisdom are reminding us of what we know on the Spiritual Plane.

          Our physical bodies are not intended to imprison our souls and limit how they will move through the world: our Souls are present to teach the world about the wonderful diversity of physical expression that is possible. The emotional and mental wisdom which rejects some of the limitations that have been were taught are tasked with paving a progressive path to the future.

          The Spiritual Plane integrates all the planes, as a service to our immortal souls. As the world, and the human experience, are Shifting, so how we embody Spirit is altered as well. Spirit is breaking down barriers and insisting on freedom.  

          In part, I believe that this is the logical development as the Numbers we use to label our time have changed with the new century. After a thousand years with a One at the beginning of each year, we now see young adults with a Two, instead. This Shift in energy sends ripples through society and into the future.

To be continued

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