Online dictionaries define synchronicity as coincidence in time; contemporaneousness; and simultaneousness.
They add that in Psychoanalysis, synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of causally unrelated events, and the belief that the simultaneity has meaning beyond mere coincidence.
In my work, Synchronicity is this, and more, and perhaps slightly different.  
For me, simultaneity absolutely has meaning beyond coincidence, and coincidence, while not an indication of causality, is worthy of more than instant dismissal.
For the last decade, I have been making and distributing cards that I call a Synchronicity Deck.  This is a recycling project, where I take used and unwanted greetings cards, and cut the images to the size of oracle cards. 

I offer people the blank backs, and give them the chance to select one. Always they receive an image that speaks to some aspect of their life in that moment. Always. Whether I do this for a paying client at the end of a session, or I bring them out when I am volunteering, whichever part of a person’s psyche or subconscious or SpiritGuide makes the choice, there is always relevance in the chosen image.
There is always a teaching within the card, and often it surprises me. 

A child pulled an image like this, and I interpreted it as foretelling sweet things coming to them. They told me how much they like cookies. Later that week, their mother contacted me to say that they had gone from me to visit an elderly relative. When they arrived, cookie dough was made, and an afternoon of creating and decorating gingerbread people was on the agenda. 
Literal truths like this are rare, and it is fair to say that the preparations made for the child’s pleasure reflected great sweetness in the heart and actions of the elder.
More often, the cards offer an insight into a mood or attitude that needs to be acknowledged: the picture of small things inside a frame can indicate a closed-ness in some part of life. A heap of unopened gifts can be a reminder of imminent abundance; a country lane that disappears around a corner might be a call to move forward into the unknown. 
Waterfowl creating a wake as they cross a pond tell us that everything we are doing is having an effect around us, as the  wave spreads out and changes the environment of reeds and birds and insects. Sometimes that means we can celebrate that our accomlishments are causing ripples, other times it may be a warning about the example we are setting.

The energy of a card is specific. The difference between a rural barn and a busy town is very clear. Choosing one of these cards will highlight a specific situation in life. It will be correct. Synchronicity is astonishingly accurate.
My community kindly donates used cards to me, and I am then able to give them to the people who have drawn them. It warms my heart to know that these cards remain on fridges and bedsides and desks years after they have been drawn: their symbols remain important.
The correctness of message, so right at that moment, is how I see synchronicity. People get the card and the image and the message that will speak specifically to them. This is not coincidence: this is Spirit at work. 

I have been practising Numerology and accessing the power of synchronicity since the 1980s.
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