Stepping Out of Limitation

     The dimension in which we live is one of expansion and growth and change.
     The origin of this physical universe is explained as a blossoming from the small to the large. The stories, myths and theories take various forms and flavours, and none suggests that completion has been achieved.
     We may believe that an elephant called the world into being by trumpeting the first Aum; that in the beginning God created both the heavens and the earth; that father-sky Rangi married mother-earth Papa and produced all living things; that 13.7 billion light years ago there was a spontaneous Big Bang which began being; or any of many other possibilities.
     Whatever we consider to have started the physical dimension, change and growth are the very definitions of physical life as we know it.
     Any family tree can reveal how a single ancestor arriving in a place can be the ancestor of numerous people today. Here in North America family reunions can include thousands of individuals who trace their DNA to a single European arriving in the seventeenth century. The diagrams drawn in their genealogies are studies in expansion.
     As we experience the Human Condition, which is surely more than the Physical Plane: there is expansion on other planes of being as well.
     We are gifted with mental abilities which are, as nearly as we can tell, unique to humanity. If our mental activity has limits, then we are not fully alive. We are able to speculate and imagine. We can entertain new ideas, explore and extrapolate from them, without ever actually believing or adopting them.
     Our imaginations are boundless in time and in possibility. We can read about make believe people and places. We can view tales of concocted families and circumstances and societies. We can experience visions that were conceived by dreamers on the other side of the world, or long-dead, or both.
     The Mental Plane is available for us as a place to consider the possibilities for our lives. We can get caught up in the past, wallowing in what might have been. In the safety of conjecture we can rehearse our next step, and describe our goals. It is our thinking, mental self that can anchor us in the glory of the present moment, as we expand our awareness and allow the mental plane to connect to all the stimuli to the physical senses.
     Our Emotional Plane surely cannot be intended for stillness. Why would our astonishing capacity for emotional expansion exist if not for us to experience it? No matter how we love who we love, the flow of love through us is increased when there is another focus for it. Second children provoke a flowering or all the parental loves, growing them further than we might have believed possible. Grandchildren open the way for us to be enveloped in pride and love and acceptance and approval and all the unconditionally positive expressions of emotion. New friends, new lovers, new teachers each call for expansion and variation in the flow of emotionally expressive phenomena. 
     These feelings traverse our Emotional Plane, filling our energy fields as they go. We are channels for the many facets of Universal Love, distributing it into the physical world, benefitting from the vibration as it moves through.
     The Spiritual or Intuitive Plane is that part of the Human experience which survives the physical. When we are disconnected from this, then the thoughts and feelings which arise in the Mental and Emotional Planes are reactions to the physical, and may not be fuelled by Cosmic Love. 
     Nassim Haramein famously said that looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking inside a radio for the announcer. This is a useful way of describing the nature of the Spiritual Plane. It is here that we are linked, though unseen connexions, to that which animates us.
     We have elected to immerse ourselves within the limits of this physical world, where we cannot remember very much of the wisdom of our eternal Spiritual selves. This suggests to me that we are here for a reason.
     That still small voice that speaks our wishes and dreams is surely intended to move us towards fulfilling our task.
     The physical universe is expanding, and there is no reason or logic for any individual to remain limited while they live on four unlimited planes. Today might be the day to step out and change your world.

     Jo Leath has been supporting clients as they step out and change since the 1980s.
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