Spirit Expanded My 2014

      December is a busy month where I live. It is a time of winterizing and staying warm and planning social events.
     The Number energy that is in place this December makes this a propitious time to evaluate the direction 2014 has taken in our individual lives.
     The Seven energy* which has permeated the year means that stagnation has been unable to get any kind of foothold.
   Seven, as a frequency, conducts Spiritual power into the physical realm. All year we have been presented with possibilities to grow, or not grow, in Spirit. We always retain the choice, the self determination, and the final say-so.
     By arriving in the human experience when I did, I embarked on a life path which connects a calendar year of spiritual growth (Seven) to the time when my focus is on relationships (Two).
     This last January I adopted ‘expansion’ as a theme for my activities in 2014. I knew from my chart that I was in a ‘growth through relationships’ year, and I knew, too, that I needed to broaden my field of endeavour.
      As the year draws to a close I see that I have been granted deep and broad progress in several fields.
     The regular unfolding of the months meant that World Labyrinth Day fell on the first Saturday of May. I was able to install a temporary 7-circuit Cretan labyrinth outside my home, and I hosted many visitors that day. Later, I replaced the rope with crushed rock, and I was able to hold events on the July days which resonated with the full Seven experience as the day, month, and year were each vibrating with Seven.    
     An unexpected opportunity allowed me to spend three months in a shared living arrangement with my two granddaughters and their parents. This allowed for an unparalleled expansion in relationship. The memories we were able to create have no end, and the connexion between us is permanent and eternal. I am thoroughly grateful for the events that led to this bond.
     While I was with them, other people around me were making changes in their lives. I came to comprehend how easily we can affect the energy and emotion between ourselves and people we love, by simple, mindful intention. A few words spoken consciously at bed-time can set the stage for rest and comfort through the night. The love we transmit when we are fully, conscious and present as we say “good night” can enhance our response to daytime communications.
      During the late summer I was lucky to enjoy three weeks with my mother, and to bring all the generations together in happy community.
    I have enjoyed much learning and teaching this year. I have continued my studies with The Heart Intelligence Academy; with Tej Steiner; I have taken courses with the Chopra Center and with Deva Premal and Miten; and I have heard -- and sometimes acted on -- the wisdom of my coach. I have seen many new clients, and I have even volunteered to help someone in Morocco learn English: the internet is a wonderful thing!
     The Spiritual energy of the Seven year brought important new souls into the sphere of my awareness. One friend was married this summer, to someone who simply ‘belongs’ in our extended community. A new local business has provided me with several ways to serve clients. People have stepped out of being friends of friends and developed personal ties with me. My circle – indeed my life -- has expanded, as requested. 
      I have continued processing the gifts of the Spiritual Download I received in 2013. As the Seven energy of the year has permeated my thinking, the impact of that event has also expanded. In July, when month and year were both at a Seven frequency, my understanding of what I had received was increased. The Cosmic love which had been refracting through me reached new shapes and flavours and forms of expression. Integrating this into my daily life is an ongoing work which I doubtless contracted to complete before I entered this timeline.
    As 2015 approaches and the balance and connexion of Eight energy** in the calendar combines with my personal creative Three, I am looking forward to a busy and innovative year. I have several new projects starting with the New Year and in the Spring. Be sure to subscribe to stay informed about programming that can help you to identify the calm and structure in your life.


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