Sometimes There Are No Exact Words

       Vocabulary is one of the trickiest things about my life just now.
     Words are very culturally rooted, and the same word, when written for a broad audience, can sometimes be interpreted in different and entirely misleading ways.
      When I was a child in 1960s England, I had a distant relative, known to me as “auntie” who had been born in the 1880s and lived her whole life in a small region in England. For her, the word starving described a cold temperature. She might speak of a neighbour, who had no coal for the fire, and as a result, the whole house was starving cold.
     Dialects, family languages and differing experiences inform how we see the world. Many decades later, and despite the improbability I am still prepared for the possibility that a *starving* person needs to put on extra clothes.
     Canadian culture of 2014 has an ever-present influence on the words I choose in my writing. Long- time readers know that last August I was granted a Quantum Moment, and I received a massive and indescribable Cosmic Download. I recall that I spent a lot of blog-writing time differentiating between the many facets of Cosmic Love, and how they manifest in our lives. There is vocabulary we can borrow from the Greeks, as the holistic Agape love divides into loves we can process through parenthood and brotherhood and romance.  As the month go by, I am astonished to find that that flow of Agape, which felt so enormous when it first slammed into my field, is now even greater. Like flowing water slowly wearing away rock, the Agape love that flows through me has dissolved many of my limits and resistances. I see it spreading further, being more inclusive, reaching unexpected people. On days when my morning meditation results in a plan to transmit love to everyone I see, I am constrained from saying “I love you” to most people.
     Another linguistic struggle I face daily is with Synchronicity: both the concept and finding the words that will have meaning for the people I am with. For many people it is unfamiliar, as a word and as an idea.
     Recent work by former Cambridge lecturer Rupert Sheldrake has provided the phrase “morphic resonance” and the idea of a resonant field which transmits information at an unseen level. This is possibly the same phenomenon that quantum physicists call *quantum nonlocality * which, being unseen, does not fit with our previous understanding of the physical world.
     The idea of connexion to a system of wisdom contradicts the world view most Westerners hold. We have been taught that we are separate and isolated. We have no good reason to entertain any other ideas about how people are connected to each other and the natural world around them.
     Somehow, no matter what words or ideas or views are within, a person who is faced with identical cards on a table will be drawn to particular individual cards, for reasons that can rarely be articulated.


   Blanketing institutions or groups of individuals with labels is always a risk, and (with an implied disclaimer) it has been my experience that some people who embrace New Age teachings find the idea of angelic companions to be logical.  Like the Guardian Angels of some religious traditions, angels are present and can affect the circumstances of life if asked. Some clients feel that angels have directed them to choose a particular cards in order to receive a meaningful message. For others, they feel directed by a spirit guide who may have the form of a human teacher of a talking animal or a totem of some other kind.
     Memories from outside Time and Space might be summoned and experienced as direction for the choice of card. Some users take a moment to pray over the cards, and they credit their results to the entity they invoked.
     Those who eschew labels relating to The Unseen are often happy to accept that their own subconscious, or Deep Self, will manipulate the cards to reveal appropriate and necessary information. Among meditators, expressions might include ‘Higher Self’; ‘Inner knowing’; ‘access to Universal Energy’; or the ‘Source of All Things’. My website names Cosmic Wisdom as our common destination.
     The truth is that somehow, in some way we cannot describe, the messages we receive from cards are the correct messages we need. In recent weeks I have seen a woman with a question about changing her living situation being told to *Break Free* by the first card she turned. Someone who was undecided about asking about relationship or career, unsure which was most in need of attention, turned the card *Love* first. A querent grappling with her business and how to accommodate diverse demands was instructed to *Compromise*.
     You may have other words. You may call these events coincidence. I have conducted hundreds and hundreds of readings, and there have been a few that the person did not understand. Of those few, most have followed up by telling me later that the meaning became clear very soon afterwards.
     Accessing the Unseen, by whatever name, and using whatever system is as old as humanity itself. I am delighted to continue the practice for as far into the future as I can, not least because, in one way or another, I love you all.

     Jo Leath has been supporting clients through change and growth since the 1980s.
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