Six Year -- Six Month -- September Six Energy
     I have written a great deal about this year, and how it is vibrating with Six energy (2+0+1+3=6). Six calls us to Service, and the betterment of life for ourselves and others.
     Mahatma Gandhi is quoted as having said that ‘The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others’ and this seems to me to be a very Six sentiment.
      Six also asks for a Big Picture approach to life: understanding that small acts of service improve the community at large.
     September, as the ninth month, adds a Nine to that vibration. We get 6+9=15, and 1+5=6, which makes September a Six month in a Six year. This provides double support for our progressive and helpful projects, even as it completes the nine-month cycle that began with January’s Seven frequency.
      Wendy started her new healthy-eating program with the One of this cycle. Her success is now part of her truth, and this month she can reflect on the ways that she has served her body, her life and her spirit.
     Wendy may be wearing the new clothes she bought in August as she moves to expand her life beyond the boundaries that had held her of late. New ways of eating and being active have become a part of her routine, and she has less anxiety about the small details of every day. Her schedule, the shopping and cooking and eating -- and even how she adapts when in restaurants -- are all in place and working well.
    Now, Six energy is calling her to move beyond the limits that have contained her for a long time. Like so many of us everywhere Wendy has allowed her dissatisfaction with her body and life to dictate her activities and the choices that she has made.  The August Five has let helped her to recognize some possibilities for growth. She can even name some of the limits she had embraced because of how she felt about meeting new people in her old body. Her social fears reflect the completely sensible need to stay in places and where she felt safe.
     The Six is beckoning her forward this month, into places and groups and activities which the Old Wendy would have avoided, and which are now accessible, desirable, and secure. Wendy’s growth is serving her Spirit as she moves forward along her life Path and casts off the restrictions which have slowed her in becoming fully actualized.
      If you are in the Ottawa region and would like to fully immerse yourself in Six Energy, consider attending the session “Connect to Six” on Saturday September 21st in Wakefield QC, starting at 10 a.m.
      Attendance will be limited to Six participants. The $60.00 fee includes lunch; an overview of The Number Cycle: a detailed view of the Number Six; guided visualization to include Six frequency in your personal energy field; discussion and learning about the Water Crystal Work of Dr. Masaru Emoto and a water vibration ritual. Take-away gifts will include energized water and digital access to other Six-centered products
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