Six Natural Senses

   The Six Senses for the Conceptual Age are within us. They are ways of being and ways of seeing. Most of all, they are ways of knowing that are completely natural to us.
     How is it, then, that this is new?
     Why is this not how I have lived my life until now?
     I was educated in the Age of Information.
     I was educated for the Age of Information.
     There was no reward for innate knowing: my schooling did not develop natural human wisdoms. I was expected to allow myself to be molded into the shape that would fit the needs of society: to be a cog in the great machine of British Empire and Space Age both.
    I was educated in an institutional room of desks and chairs arranged in parallel rows. I was enough lucky to have natural light streaming through the windows, but the windows were high on the wall: the view was of the tile slates on the adjoining building, and a tiny patch of sky. The design did not inspire or instruct. It did not feed my soul.
    In school there was no time for telling the story of my life, no examination of how my experience, and the processing of that experience, might inform my interaction with Life, World, People. Personal story was not honoured.
    I lived my childhood in an age of specialized information. I had different teachers for geography and chemistry and cookery and maths. None of them was interested in what I might have learnt an hour earlier from someone else. When a housecraft teacher taught me about the cooking habits of our European neighbours, I was not encouraged to bring that knowledge into French class.     
    There were heavy boundaries around each topic; each discipline belonged in a compartment of its own. There was no suggestion of synthesizing something greater than the parts.
     Relationships in my schools were based in a culture of rigidly defined roles and a class system. The Future was a vision which had been imposed by parents, adults and the invisible expectations in which we swam without ever knowing they were there. We did not communicate from our hearts. I had no idea what my heart was feeling – what *I* was feeling.
     From the age of four I obediently sat neatly, listened nicely, and regurgitated the teaching which poured over me for hours every day. I was blessed. My learning style is suited to that technique. Even in sports there was serious learning and rules to memorize; strategies to comprehend. There was no place for play in the timetable.
     I was deemed successful – although I lived in a state of awaiting exposure as an imposter. I knew that the Real Me was not who or what they thought I was.
     Order and orderliness ruled my life, and the lives of my parents and grandparents. If the meaning of life had been questioned, the answer would likely have had some religious overtone and have been about simply perpetuating that which was.
     I had and have within me these senses of design; story; synthesis; empathy; play and meaning. What I did not have was self-knowledge or connexion with my natural wisdom.
     Awakening into the Age of Concept means reclaiming those natural senses which have been repressed, disconnected or denied.
     The Work of Spiritual Awakening cannot happen through externals in the way that a sleeping physical body can be wakened by alarm bells, removal of blankets, or aromas of an enticing breakfast.
     Awakening these precious senses requires introspection and moving from where we are. For that we need safety and a caring, heart-centred community.
     Through the webinars we are building that community. At the retreat we will share the heavy lifting and unveil the wonders we carry within.
     Sensate Awakening: A Journey Inward. This is the time to move into the Age of Concept, and show the world what living in alignment really looks like.

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