Simple Cycle

      The Number Cycle is a universal tool, the story of life, and a perfect template for any number of applications.

At its most simplistic, digits express energy thus:
One: Being
Two: Relating
Three: Imagining
Four: Building
Five: Expanding
Six: Serving
Seven: Learning
Eight: Balancing
Nine (and sometimes Zero): Unifying

     Each of these labels is a gateway into complex potential and many facets of the energy it describes.
    Being does not happen without creation, and the arrival of something new. Being requires initiation into the space allotted to it, and later introspection to understand Self and the meaning of individual Being.
    Relating occurs as soon as another comes into being. Two people have a relationship even when the connexion can be described as **Sheridan has never met Drew. How each of them behaves is altered by the presence (or absence) of the other.
    Imagining is the place of originating new ways of living. Alone or together we can create a vision of something novel, bring to the world that which has never been.
    Building is the application of ideas, finding the a way to express the imagination in a way that has stability. Four energy is strong and square, it can provide a foundation for all that comes next.
    Expanding comes as the foundation reveals its potential. This energy allows for extending the original plan upward and outward, in ways and into places that were not evident before.
    Human endeavour is successful when it serves the community and the individuals who make it up. Serving is an instinct that we can see in the toddler who rushes to comfort a crying newborn, or an unthinking reflex to prevent a stranger from slipping on a wet floor. 
    Gary Zukav writes and talks about ‘The Earth School’ to illustrate that Learning is surely why we come into the Human Experience. If life were to give us a comfortable couch and never-ending supply of bonbons, we would never discover our strengths and weaknesses, we would have no curiosity, no reason to do anything. Existence is not  meant to be pointless.  
    It is logical that Balancing follows Learning: new information might contradict our experience or our previous learning. This energy requires us to develop our judgment, to contrast and compare information from many sources, to listen to all the versions on the way to finding fairness in mediation.
    Unification is the small and easy word for a massive concept. At this time in history we are understanding more and more that the phrase We Are One is supported by scientific evidence.  Each member of the Human family is a part of something greater. Planet Earth is a single living entity. The Number Cycle brings us through a process of growth and understanding, all of which we synthesize into our holistic picture of life and the Universe.

     The Cosmos becomes different when any one of us, any elephant, or any microbe changes, learns, adapts, or dies. We each have a role to play in The Whole, because each of us is The Whole.
All is One.  

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