There is lots of talk about ‘letting go’ at this time of year.
      In the Northern autumn, the leaves of deciduous trees are changing colour and falling. This is not only beautiful, it is an easy illustration of setting something free.
     Here in the west, most people live surrounded by an accumulation of things. We have things  we think we need, and things we have been told that we need.
     We even have things we aspire to need: we have books we will never read, and small appliances designed for healthier eating – appliances we will quite possibly used once and never again.
     We wish we had time to make our own yoghurt and dehydrate our own kale chips, but when push comes to shove, we prefer the fruity commercial yoghurts, and potato chips. We might have bread-maker in the back of the corner cabinet, and still stop to buy a sliced loaf because it is easier and quicker, we might even acknowledge that it is a reliable product, and our own is not. 

     Homemade pizza means using the dough-arm on the big mixing machine, and having fresh yeast, the correct flour, and any number of fresh ingredients on hand. A phone call for delivery is a simpler approach.
     Why, then, are the shelves still cluttered with these implements? 
     This autumn might be a good time to take stock.  Schedule an evening, or a weekend afternoon to pull everything into visual range and decide what comes next. If you had forgotten about the plunge-blender and are certain you would use it often, move it to an accessible spot where you won’t forget it again.

     If the crockpot is the wrong size for your current household, consider passing it to another branch of your social circle, or donating it to a local charity for use or sale. Release it. Let it go out into the world and be of service instead of holding it captive in the darkness of your kitchen.
     Many physical things fall into this category. Clothes, books, old technology, why are we keeping them out of circulation? What purpose is served by accidentally hoarding?
     There are people who need clothes to wear, and charities that learn from or recycle old electronics. A book’s value is in the eye of a reader; we all have favourite stories and information we want to keep and re-read, yet for each of those there are often dozens that we have enjoyed and are now unable to connect with an audience.
     This is a fine time, too, as the evenings grow longer to think or talk or write about ideas. This may be time to cast off some of the self-talk you have been perpetuating. Undo any negativity that you feed yourself, and notice if it has been spilling over onto other people; stop that, too. Apologize if necessary.
     Consider some of the Absolute Truths that you accepted as a young person, and re-evaluate them in the clear shining light of 2019. This is a new and different world from the one that existed twenty, thirty, fifty years ago. Some of the ideas that made sense then, do not serve us any more. 
     Release them. Let them go. Write them down and find a safe place to burn the paper. Release them from your presence. Or bypass the flames and simply visualize breathing them out and watching them rise, like smoke, until they dissipate in the atmosphere.
     You need not carry forward anything that takes up space in your psyche.

     Autumn is when the trees stop turning sunlight into nourishment, they release their leaves and rest. As thinking humans, we can stop chasing illusions that belong to the past. We can simplify, re-size, and right-size our lives, in the physical and non-physical planes.
     We, too, can take time to rest, and refresh our spirit.

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