Quiet Practice

         Finding a way to connect to the calm energy of cosmic wisdom is no small task in the busy days of modern life.
         I often talk about the need for a Quiet Practice as a route to the wisdom which is available to all who seek it.
       Our life, here in the West, can slide into a repetitive cycle of functions. We get up and go to work, perhaps contending with a routine commute. We spend the day servicing the economy, then the evening dealing with the practicalities of our household. We cook and clean and take out the recycling;  we talk with our family members or relax in front of a broadcast screen; we bathe and beautify ourselves before we sleep until it is time to repeat the process.
[Image shows an aerial view of intertwined city streets and highways at night]
      We rarely take time to be with ourselves and our thoughts.  All too often, our thoughts are in a different part of the cycle than our bodies. As we sit on the bus going to work, we are thinking about upcoming meetings, people who must be placated, strategies for coping with colleagues. When we begin a client meeting, we may well be thinking about what will follow and how we will follow up, and what will I feed my children this evening?
More than Mindfulness
    Mindfulness is often mentioned in these pages, a Quiet Practice is a little more than being present. With a Quiet Practice, we can learn to be in the moment, and also to hold the intention of allowing information to reach our awareness.
    Simply crafting a time of Quiet can be a challenge for some living patterns. We can rarely control all aspects of the soundscape of our lives, and Quiet Time may take effort.
    For those who cannot escape easily into the quiet of nature, white noise is readily available on disks and online. It can cushion a personal environment from the harshness of mechanical and city sounds. White noise recordings provide a background noise which drowns out other sounds and permits detachment from surrounding clatter and commotion.

[Image shows lower legs of a person with bare feet walking in the shallowest edge of the sea]
    Quiet is not the same as silence. Sitting at a beach can allow for Quiet. The air may be filled with the rhythmic sounds of waves, the bluster of wind, the screech of birds, and yet finding Quiet within the natural noises is possible. When you align yourself to inhale and exhale in concert with the tidal movement, you make space for allowing in your mind. Thoughts can flow. Ideas will flow.
Find What Works

Image shows an adult woman with her hands in palm-to-palm attitude of prayer]
    When our busy, chattering minds get used to the space, when our thinking stops reaching for tasks and words and interpretations, then Quiet can arrive and, on a good day, wisdom can make itself known.
    There is no One Size Fits All Quiet Practice, and the quest to find what works for us is a part of the practice, too.
    One person might have the best results while wallowing in a bubble-bath, letting their limbs float. Another may prefer to adopt a more rigid pose while in prayer or meditation.
    Recordings of nature can substitute for the outdoors, singing or reciting mantras can fill up the silence without impeding the flow of knowledge.
    Hugging a tree can be an act of two-way communication. Sitting alone in a crowd and being conscious about each breath can create a personal experience of solitude and wonder.

[Image shows an adult man in a spread-eagle hug of a massive tree which has a circumference more than double his reach]
Bigger Ideas
    Quiet Practice can short-circuit the mental quest to impose on the world. Our inner critic is ever active making up stories that help shape experiences and slot them into their appropriate boxes. Our thinky minds might interpret a squawk in the trees as the cry of a chicken, and proceed to tell a story about recipes and tonight's dinner.
    When we have quieted the thinkyness, and are allowing Spirit to reveal wisdom, we may hear the same sound as a phoenix and be sure of the rightness of starting over. 
    Connecting with wisdom thorough Quiet will be inspired, and inspiring.

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