Choosing Words
My website, at is called Exploring Paths to Cosmic Wisdom, and I have written before about the genesis of that title.
There are many ways to describe the concept of Cosmic Wisdom.
I was listening recently to an online event with Colette Baron-Reid. When talking about magic, she defined Synchronicity as ‘the power of meaningful coincidence’ and then came up with a list: “Spirit, God, The Universe, The Force, The Dude: whatever you choose to call your Higher Power”. She reminded me of the Shakesperean line: A rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet. Our physical reality, and the language that has developed within it, create barriers to full discussion of The Unseen, and no matter the words we use, we do not change the nature of it.

When I was first exploring the existence of this Spiritual aspect, the phrase Higher Self was in broad use. I tended to use that language to fit my religious education and I placed the Higher into some sort of heavenly plane: at an altitude in the sky that was habitat to the white-haired bearded old man God of my Sunday school days.
In this lazy, familiar imagery I lost track of the Divine Intelligence that is a part of me.
As I refined my thinking, I rejected the idea of geographic height. There is still a Self that functions at a vibration *higher than the physical. The number-label on a frequency can be greater, or higher, without invoking judges in the clouds.
Hierarchy in the planes of existence does not serve the worldview I want to carry. The Spiritual Plane exists alongside this Physical one, shifted perhaps, in another dimension.
I continued this study and work and heard talk about the Inner Self. This was the voice in the silence: the deliverer of the inner monologue, and I find it a useful name to put to the hunches and ideas that spring from inspiration. 
Depth can sound spatial, and yet like deep thought and deep feelings it is within our personalities. We who are fortunate have felt love that is deep in the heart. Parents have known the deep emotions that accompany a newborn into our arms. The Deep Self or Connected Self is that place where Spirit is present, even while we remain in this Human Experience: a connexion that can be felt and not seen or heard or smelled.
When we are able to access the Spiritual identity that is ours beyond the limits of flesh, we are communing with our Wise Self: our Cosmic Self. 
There is no single way to do this: no mantra will connect us automatically. No individual practitioner can guarantee a surefire technique for enlightenment, and this is why Seekers seek. This is why choosing a path of Exploring Paths has value in the growth of Soul.   
When we take time to be still and quiet and undistracted we can find our centre.  
I call this place the *Quietself. It is here, at this spot that is within us that we can access the Unseen place that Is Us.

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