Meaning is One of the Six Senses for the Conceptual Age
     We live in an affluent society, where survival is not a struggle. Life conditions and human nature have created circumstances where life can feel very empty. Each of us seeks a purpose, a reason for being here. 
     Different people find different ways to connect with purpose. Some choose work that feels meaningful, others label their exploration as Seeking: a Spiritual Quest. Others remain unquestioning, and live lives of dissatisfaction, sometimes enhancing their boring, purposeless days with damaging distractions.
     Many of my clients would identify as Seekers, firmly on a path in search of Spirit, or at the very least, in search of their own authentic Spirit.
     The task of understanding Intention and Meaning is what helps to reconcile our mental and emotional experiences with the physical world that we have been taught to view as ‘reality’. Nevertheless, the Spiritual world of the Unseeyn does, under the correct conditions, feel just as real. 

     How we perceive the world is key to how we behave, how we relate, and how we feel.
Many Seekers have read and learnt about the Law of Attraction: that magnetic power in the Universe that draws similar energies to each other.
     The teachings of Abraham Hicks reveal that feelings of satisfied accomplishment and deep joy are the cause, and not the result, of joyous accomplishment. 
     This goes against what most of us have accepted as ‘reality’ and frequently needs some deep thought and re-evaluation of accepted norms before we decide whether it makes sense to us. 
     When we vibrate with joy, circumstances that bring us more joy come to us. When we vibrate with anger and upset, situations will arise to provoke and promote more anger and upset. 
     When we expect – and predict – that the day will have a particular emotional aspect, then the energies of the Cosmos will provide exactly that experience for us. 

     Plan for expanding your understanding of the world. Open up to a new way of seeing. Vibrate the willingness to learn and be amazed, and you will be amazed and what the world will teach.

I have been practising Numerology and accessing the power of synchronicity for clients since the 1980s.
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