Personal Years Seven, Eight and Nine

     My January blog posts are still accessible if you scroll down this page. I spent the month exploring how to make the most of the Cosmic Frequencies that moved in to our realm with the New Year.

     Understanding the Six vibration of the year (2+0+1+3=6) is an important part of finding your personal alignment with the vibrations of the Universe. It is not the single magic key for everyone.

     When each of us arrived in human life, we brought with us a calendar. It contains encoded hints to guide us as we move through life and question our purpose.

     One of the clues we can access as we move into alignment is found in the number known as the Personal Year.

   This is the final post detailing the highlights of how Personal Year numbers are amplified by the Six of the Universal year.

     If you don’t know what your Personal Year vibration, you can calculate it following this formula:

     Add the day and month numbers of your birth anniversary for this year, and keep adding until you have a single digit. There are nine possible totals.


Using my birthday for example, 28th of March that calculation would be:

2+8            (for the day)

+3              (for the month)

+2+0+1+3  (for this year)


Add the 1+9=10, 

Add 1+0=1, 

Clearly a person with a March 28th birthday is in a One personal year, starting a new nine year cycle.


Seven Personal Year in a Six Universal Year.

     Seven is the first of the Spiritual numbers.

     This life journey has moved through the cycle of coming into being, relating, creating, building and growing, then Six brought it to serving others. Seven asks us to bring all of that and then extend beyond the physical and engage with the Unseen.

     Seven is a vibration that aids in our Spiritual growth, and as such it may sometimes bring the discomforts that move us out of complacency.

     Living a Seven Personal Year in a Six Universal year places you as a person on the leading edge of activity. You get to pave the way for where the world is going next. 2014 will carry a Seven vibration at the Universal level, and the path you forge, and the example you set during your Seven can make a difference for us all.

     To make the most of your experience, schedule time for meditation and introspection.

Eight Personal Year in a Six Universal Year.

    The Eight Personal Year is often characterized as a Power Year. The very symbol we use for 8 is also used, lying on its side, to represent Infinity. This is no small vibration!

     This is the year when the learnings and personal growth of the Seven year can be put into action. As a result it is a time of advancing along the path towards your destiny.

     Early in life this might be moving along the track of expectations; of career building; mortgage paying and family growing. Later in life it might be about early retirement and teaching English as an additional language, or volunteering in a weather-damaged area. Whatever draws you, you will progress as your Life Plan intends.

     To be making this advance during a Six Universal Year suggests that your decisions and rationale should be in line with Service.

     Major achievements will not grace you if you exploit or cheat your way to the front of someone else’s line. Your Soul Growth is to be guided from within, and your own Cosmic Wisdom will keep you in a place of integrity.

 Nine Personal Year in a Six Universal Year.

     Nine is the last of the single digits. When we reach 10 we add the 1+0=1 and start the cycle again – forever changed by the cycle now completed.

     The Nine Personal Year, then, is often one when projects and relationships and attitudes find completion and can be released. This need not be seen as loss: this is making room for what is coming. If we never let go of the past we will stagnate, and that is not the purpose of human life.

     Some of the things you release will benefit the world. Finishing a book and making it available to readers will leave a hole in your day when you are used to toiling over the manuscript. There is no benefit in clutching it to your bosom because you like the writing life. Letting it go leaves room for so much more.

     The Six Universal vibration helps a Nine Personal Year prioritize what to keep and what to let go. If you have programs and ideas and activities that can be used in the service of others, then let them serve. This is the very year for which they exist.

     No amount of hoarding will help other people. If you are fearful of the response your offerings will receive, remember that those who judge are judging a product. If the occasional unenlightened remark seems to be judging you, then you have learnt something about the speaker whose words do not change your reality.

      Meanwhile, your Journey Into Alignment asks you to pay attention and answer your calling. 

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