Personal Years  Four, Five and Six

     Understanding the Six vibration of the year (2+0+1+3=6) is an important part of finding your personal alignment with the Universe. It is also important to remember that many different vibrations are present t the same time, interacting with each other.

     We have each arrived in human life with a calendar to guide us as we move into our intended destiny. My blogs in January were all about Service, and Utilizing the Six energy to serve our lives and our world. This month I am personalizing how to use that Six in the context of our personal calendars.

     You can access another major frequency in the number known as the Personal Year.

     If you don’t know your Personal Year vibration, you can calculate it following this formula:

     Add the day and month numbers of your birth anniversary for this year, and keep adding until you have a single digit. There are nine possible totals.

Using my birthday for example, 28th of March that calculation would be:

2+8            (for the day)

+3              (for the month)

+2+0+1+3  (for this year)


Add the 1+9=10,

Add 1+0=1,

and it becomes clear that a person with a March 28th birthday is in a One personal year, starting a new nine year cycle.


For Personal years One Two and Three,  see the blog post for February 13th.

Four Personal Year in a Six Universal Year.

    Four is a solid and practical number. The inspirations and ideas of the Three year can be turned into physical or functional reality.

    Four provides the foundation on which the future will be built, and it is reliable and dependable.

    The Four Personal Year in 2013 is one of Serving in useful and sensible ways. This is the time when creative concepts are turned in to practicable systems which will fulfill specific needs in society.

     By channeling the no-nonsense frequency of Four, you can create a structure which will support the work you are here to do. With strong Four influence you will have the patience to apply yourself to the routines and repetitive tasks that are necessary and yet not always exciting.

     What you build this year will not only serve the intended recipients, it will also guide and serve you in the future. As you grow and expand, the functional aspects that Four has provided will allow you to remain in alignment with the vision you hold and the destiny you are here to complete.

Five Personal Year in a Six Universal Year.

     The Five is a year of growth and transition; travel and personal evolution.

     This is a year for adventure: for exploring new directions and accepting possibilities that are new and unusual in your life.

     In the context of a Six Universal, this can take any of multiple directions, which are never wrong, although they may correct and adjust itself as the year progresses. .

     New people will cross the life path, bringing new ideas and opportunities. These might be the people you are here to serve, or they might inspire you to recognize new services that you can provide.

      By December the world in which you live and serve will have been modified to have a greater impact. This might mean you are serving more people, or in more ways. It could be that you have found a way to serve more deeply and richly and with long-lasting influence.

 Six Personal Year in a Six Universal Year.

     If you are in a Six Personal Year in 2013, your calendar is always tied to the Universal Year Cycle.

     Your Personal Six calls you to service, and in the context of this year, you may be hard-pressed to find time for all the things you want to do! The call to serve vibrates in the very depth of your being, and this year it is particularly intense.

    Any Six Personal Year carries responsibilities and duties which allow you to express your love in caring ways. Your family and loved ones may rely on you for assistance. Through serving them, you will reveal skills and abilities and ways of thinking that have been dormant within you until called forth.

     As the rest of the world is moved to answer the call of the Six Universal Vibration, your alignment sets an example of what service looks like. You can expect that as you meet your intended duties you will influence the world around you in happy and positive ways. Your spheres of domestic and career matters will benefit and blossom in this alignment. This year will progress you along the Life Path you planned before you returned to the physical plane.

     Personal Years Seven, Eight and Nine will be examined in my next post.

     Meanwhile, your Journey Into Alignment asks you to pay attention and answer your calling.