October: A Preview of 2014

      The number cycle turns predictably through the nine single digits, repeating the energies in sequence. Because a calendar year has twelve months, October, the tenth month, marks the second time that Seven energy is predominant in 2013.
     Although the nature of Seven energy remains unchanged, we who now have nine months of life experience since January will process that Seven vibration differently.
     People engaged in Spiritual and personal work will recognize new learning, wisdom gained, and the expansions that life has offered them. For those who are just beginning to engage with Cosmic frequency, this month grants a way to enfold Cosmic energy into their daily life
     We are entering an unusual six month sequence of Cosmic Numbers. As we close the Six of 2013 (2+0+1+3=6) we logically move into the Seven of 2014 (2+0+1+4=7).
     The vibration of the months, however, does not conform to simple progression. Certainly October’s Seven will become November’s Eight and December’s Nine
     With the change of year, however, January will be infused with Eight energy, and February with Nine.
      This 7-8-9-8-9-1 sequence, as it unfolds from October to March, provides an evolving process for the work we are here to do.
      All Seven energy, including this October vibration, is connected with Spiritual Growth.
      Seven energy in the environment of Service that has been with us throughout the Six year (2+0+1+3=6) asks us to kick up our level of engagement and ensure that Spirit is served by the activities and behaviours with which we are involved.
     October lets us get a feeling for Seven energy. We have a chance to find equilibrium before awe are plunged into Seven for an entire year. What we do this October, how we prepare for the near future, and how we rise to the challenges of Seven, will inform our lives until at least 2015.
     Seven is a Spiritual number, and as such it is not often about comfort or ease: Spiritual growth is spurred by challenge and the need to overcome obstacles. Looking back over our lives, we may see that the greatest changes and growth occurred when we were in personal Seven years, or when the entire world was steeped in Seven.
      A challenge need not be a negative. Haruki Murakami is credited with saying “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional,” and this is an applicable truth.
     When we allow the challenge or ‘pain’ to exist without resisting it, and when we honour it for the gifts that it brings, then we do not suffer. When we are alive in the moment, and mindful of the Now, we do not fall into a feeling of Suffering. What is, simply is. Seven energy may provide accelerated spiritual growth: it cannot be the cause of suffering. There is no suffering except that which we choose.

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