Numerology for The Conceptual Age

     It is not news that I am fascinated and inspired by the Number Cycle and the elegant patterns of Numerology charts. I am also thrilled to have found the book by Daniel H. Pink, A Whole New Mind: Why Right-brainers Will Rule the Future. I have learnt a great deal from Pink’s writing, and I have come to see how very neatly his ideas fit into my Numerology practice in this Conceptual Age.
     Pink names the historical periods of Western society, and the jobs that promoted survival and civilization.  The Agricultural Age, when farmers were in the majority, people grew food for themselves, and later for sale. The Industrial Age followed. Factory workers moved away from working the land and congregated in urban centres where factories were built.
     The Information Age in which workers create, manipulate, and share knowledge is fully present today, although many information jobs have shifted away from the West. Computing work, call centres, and writing code are frequently ‘out-sourced’ to other countries.
     Pink says that the Conceptual Age, where creators and empathizers constitute the leadership, is upon us and looming ahead of us.      
     Pink goes on to describe Six Senses for the Conceptual Age: Design; Story; Symphony; Empathy; Play; and Meaning.
     As I work with this list I discovered that they fit into, and can be found in, our individual charts. This is information which can give clues about where our energy can be beneficially directed at any given time.
     The entire Number Cycle represents a Design: it contains Sacred Geometry, the patterns of everything from galaxies to DNA molecules. Numbers count the vibrations of the strings in String Theory, and the miracles of the Quantum universe. The design of any individual life can be discerned in a Numerology chart.
     As my clients and I grow older, the ‘calendar’ portion of our charts gets longer, and the design of the life path becomes clearer as intention shows through. The path, with all the choices and detours and learning, can be revealed as part of a design.
     A Numerology Chart is a Story in and of itself. Reading the major points of the name lets us describe the main character, and the talents and proclivities they have brought with them. There are pinnacles and challenges and sub-paths which expose the sub-plots, the chapters, and the opportunities for transformation-through-experience.
     What Pink calls Symphony, I often rename Synthesis. This is the attribute of gathering diverse energies and interpreting them in a new, integrated way. This is the nature of one of the Arrows of Pythagoras, calculated from date-from-birth. Synthesis, when present on a chart, may also appear in the Destiny Number, or even as an aspect of the Intentional Self. In choosing to be present in Human Life during this Conceptual Age, we have naturally brought with us the abilities we need.
     Empathy has often been lacking in previous ‘ages’. People have served the land, buffeted by the seasons and the weather. They became cogs in an industrial system which required adaptation to the realities and dangers of working with machinery. Many even accepted that the Cosmos and the body were also machines of interlocking parts and inexorable motions.  
     The Conceptual Age demands that we see the individuality of the people around us; that we ‘put ourselves in their shoes’ and create space where they express their reality, allowing that their perception is as true for them as ours is for us. When we connect with the relationships vibrations of our Numerology chart, we open ourselves up to being genuinely empathetic.
     The Information Age sent many millions of us into cubicles to work alone. Portable devices have kept information-work constantly present and demanding.  Our schedules rarely include an opportunity for the undervalued Play.
     A Numerology chart can help to locate the areas of life that are most likely to connect us with our joy and delight.  For some of us, a game of football is a renewal of spirit. We thrive on being part of a team; we get outdoors and push our physical self beyond everyday limits. It can be exhilarating. For others, getting dressed as a science fiction character and attending a conference with thousands of similarly dressed others is a portal to self-expression and happiness.  Play connects us to ourselves and others. Play allows us to communicate our essence, and relieves us of the roles imposed by our everyday.
     In my approach to Numerology, there is a basic truth that we have arrived in this life, at this time and this place, quite deliberately. We have an intention to be here now.
     The date of our arrival, and the name we were contracted to receive, hold keys to the intentions which do not fit into our tiny human brains.   With a Numerology Chart, we can tease out the Meaning that our life has – and has had -- and will have.
     Life without meaning would surely not be worthy of attention. We could have chosen to take our immortal selves off to some other dimension or a different timeline. We could have stayed wherever we were. That we are here now is the only proof necessary that we are here to change the world. Numerology can help us to understand our mission.
     Numbers hold Energy. Our chart Affirms our intentions and lets us Connect to our essential self and purpose.

     Jo Leath has been supporting clients through change and growth since the 1980s.
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