Nothing Without Consent
When I first began travelling around and offering readings, I thought I would be travelling and giving readings. I learnt a lot.
In those early days I encountered -- and sometimes I still do -- firmly held and mistaken beliefs about the nature of my work.
I have met people who claimed they were afraid of the idea.
"You might read my mind" they would say, and I was never comfortable enough to ask them what it was about their thoughts that created such a concern. 

For the record, I am an intuitive: I do not, on any level, 'read minds' and I have never claimed to do so.
At another place on the spectrum I have met people who are bound and determined that I cannot and will not, 'know anything' about them.  They are correct. When someone is closed and unwilling, my intuitive guidance respects that choice.
Our culture just now is discussing the nature of consent, and a client who taught me to articulate the nature of Spiritual consent has come to mind. 
I will call the client Shelby, someone who arrived in a flurry of activity with coats and scarves and hand baggage swirling. When I attempted to calm the space and prepare myself, Shelby was impatient, telling me that I needed to 'get on with it'.
Today I would end the session there and then, but this was a long time ago, and I was receiving a lesson I needed.
I hurried up, and did my best to 'get on with it'.
Shelby wanted a card reading, and my process is to keep communication grounded in real life. I check in to ensure that what I am saying resonates. When there is confusion or lack of clarity, we will turn a second (or third) card in pursuit of certainty.
Shelby, however, was not interested in requesting precision or accuracy. When I asked if the first card (and what I had said about it,) made sense, I was given the uninformative instruction 'Keep going'. 
I kept going, floundering and reaching. As the session progressed I grew more uncomfortable while feeling duty bound to complete the task. 
Shelby kept repeating that I should 'keep going' until I was incapable. I drew the session to an early close, and Shelby expressed triumph. 

"I knew you wouldn't be able to read me," I was told.  "No one can read me! I've been to psychics and mediums and all sorts of readers and nobody has ever got through. And I am not paying for this, you were way off."
At first I accepted that I was somehow at fault for this abject failure. Only a short time later I realized that I cannot possibly access wisdom for someone who is unwilling to receive it. I do not understand the motivation for anyone going to readers to prove themselves 'unreadable'.
Thanks to Shelby I have a much stronger sense of my own boundaries, and I am willing to claim them. I know that it is not my role to obey orders from an angry client. I am not willing to adapt the use of my time to someone's schedule. 
The synchronicity -- that wonderful way that the correct things happen during a card reading -- is something which exists. I do not control it, and neither does my client. 
When a reading begins with the intention to work together, wonderful wisdom can be revealed.
I have no desire to know things you do not want to tell me. The conversation that flows through a session is a dialogue: without consent there is no growth or learning for either participant.
As 2017 closes, this is a timely month to arrange for a reading of your own, and peek into what Spirit is holding in your energy field.


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