No Coincidence 
I first discovered my ability to discern meaning from the metaphors of Oracle Cards in 1986. I genuinely don’t understand where 33 years have gone.
Before that, I had worked with Numerology and the I Ching Coin Oracle. While each of those is profound in its own access to insights and wisdom, neither prepared me for the immediate power of the cards.
The first deck I was given was The Way of Cartouche Cards, created by Martin Jones and Murry Hope. It was a small deck, only 25 cards, full of wisdom which I found accessible and sensible.
Early in the experience I was finding success as a reader, and I recognized that this was not about any skill or talent that was in me, so much as the amazing way that the cards were chosen to align synchronistically.
One client who lived in Toronto was concerned about the timing of her next pregnancy, which seemed to her to be taking too long.  The fertility card showed up first, very open and willing to address the issue. As an action to be taken, she drew a card about water, which did not have a clear meaning in the moment. Within a few weeks she discovered that she had conceived during a visit to Prince Edward Island.
That reading and my awareness of its accuracy helped me to understand that the cards are correct. My job is merely to pay attention to what they are saying. 
In the intervening years I have read cards for thousands of people. I have studied the Tarot, and worked with a great variety of decks. Some have resonated with me, and some have not. I have accumulated a collection of several dozen that come into my favour or call to be used at different times. I also have a handful of decks that I use fairly consistently, and some that I have in duplicate so that I can keep them in a workplace as well as in my possession. This year, I am putting the final touches on my own deck, The Wisdom of the Garden Path, which will be available soon. 
With time and practice I have become a better interpreter. I think that today I would have a better idea of what the Cartouche Water card was trying to say – at the very least I would ask more questions in my quest for clarity.
More recently, I have been seeing spreads that appear so obvious that they almost don’t require my presence.  
To the question “When the right time to walk away” a client drew “Persist”
Someone wondering about upcoming work-or-recreation choices chose the card “Have Fun”.
Not every card turned is quite so easy to read, although many are.  Sometime sit is the combination of three that offers clarity.
Depending on the situation, a nine-card spread arranged in the NumberGrid can illustrate profound amounts of information.   
Whatever impulse drives the selection of the cards, they are always the correct cards. I have people who say they want to talk about their jobs, and then they turn cards that are recognizably about their personal lives. Or the other way around: someone who wants to predict a romantic partner, and chooses cards that illustrate issues in the workplace. Whatever happens, there is always benefit. 
It is a synchronistic energy that selects the back of one card rather than the identical back of thirty or forty other cards. We can label it guidance from angels or ancestors, or our own deep and all-knowing wisdom. Whatever it is, it is present. It is real. It is available to us all, every day. 
Some people buy a card deck with no other purpose than to turn one card each morning, and connect to the Spirit of the day. Other people seek out different readers when they have questions, other people find one reader and consult with them often, the two coming to know each other well. With familiarity a Spiritual intimacy can develop, bringing more depth and texture to the readings as time goes by.  
Whether you are thinking about your first reading or your fortieth, Synchronicity will work with you: Spirit has wisdom to share, and you are surrounded by Unseen energies who hold the intention that you will find joy and success.

I have been practising Numerology and accessing the power of synchronicity for clients since the 1980s.
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