New Light

     As the Summer Solstice approaches, we who dwell in the Northern hemisphere are enjoying some of the longest days of the year. 
     We are getting ready, together and apart, to mark the day. For the first time, the sunset and sunrise and England’s Stonehenge in Salisbury Pain will be live-streamed around the globe. People who might never reasonably expect to see the sight in person will have the chance to join with thousands of others to be present and witness the moment.  
     Meanwhile, there is more to the season than the one or two days that get the headlines.  In many cultures, there is a week or ten-day Mid-Summer celebration
     Litha has been the festival for the longest day and the shortest night of the year since time immemorial. At the peak of the Solar year, the lore says that The Goddess is full and pregnant, and the Sun God is at the height of His virility. Celebrations highlight the expansiveness and achievements of the season.
     This is the time when wise healers all across medieval Northern Europe would gather the plants herbs that they would use for the rest of the year to treat people in their care. 
     In Wales this is Gŵyl Ganol yr Haf, or Alban Hefin. In Bulgaria it is called Enyovden. 
     In Denmark, the celebration is called sankthansaften: "St. John's Eve". John the Baptist or Jean Baptiste, is honoured during this season all around the world, by Lutherans as well as the Roman- and Anglo-Catholic churches.
     Also honouring St John are Joninės in Lithuania, Jaanipäev in Estonia and Juhannus, the traditional summer celebration in Finland.  In some parts of Finland the midsummer celebration is named for Ukko, God of Thunder, who oversaw the rain and the harvest.

     After June 20th the length of the days will gradually decrease, and we will begin the passage back to the shortest day at Yule.
     These shifts and change in the length of days are a reminder of our connexion to the physical world and the laws of physics which govern it. There is no human intervention which can alter these inevitabilities, and while it is the same sun shining on our days, there is a sense of change in the light once that MidSummer peak is passed.
     Like all the cycles in the natural world, the constant changes ensure that there is novelty in every day. Each day delivers a different number of sunlit minutes. Each sunbeam offers unique qualities of light and warmth. 
     Similarly, in the affairs of the human family, there is ongoing growth and change and increased understanding of the inevitability of renewal.

     When we feel safe to emerge from isolation, we will face adaptations and adjustments in how we go about our business. We will see the community around us in a new light. I hope we will aim for clarity and caring, and for ensuring fair and equitable conditions for all. 

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