New Beginnings

I have written and spoken many times about my introduction to Numerology. 
This is a repost  of Numerology. What is it?
      In the early 1980s I was living in Kamloops, in the semi-arid desert area of British Columbia. One day I was driving from home into the town, listening to a noon-hour radio phone-in show. The studio guest was a Numerologist. Callers were invited to announce their full dates-of-birth, and almost instantly the Numerologist would deliver a short, pointed sentence about them.
     “You tend to be a people pleaser”; “You are very shy and empathetic”; “You are obsessive about order and organization”. Every one of these declarations was met with astonished agreement: yes, yes, this is true! this is exactly right!. 
     Hearing these exchanges, I was intrigued and excited.
     I don’t remember my original destination; I do remember that I drove directly to the library. In those historical days of long drawers filled with index cards, I found a single volume that was part of the collection and present in the building. It was Dr. Juno Jordan’s book Numerology: The Romance in Your Name. I was far from thrilled by the title, even so I took it home, and began to read.

     I have spoken often of this first exposure to the subject. At no time did I feel as though I was learning something for the first time. As I read the introductory chapters I was impatient. I felt that I knew all this. As I continued into the first details of how to prepare a chart, and I began to follow the examples with my own name, I remembered how to do it. The day and month and year of birth, combined in a number of ways. The full name – as it was at birth – calculated in several combinations. It fell easily into place. The techniques nestled into places in my brain that were waiting and ready for them.
     The rest of my reading in that book was all about remembering. At my very core, I knew that I knew how to do this. I phoned the bookstore and ordered a copy of Dr. Jordan’s book for myself. I was not willing to return the library copy until I had one of my own.
     As I worked through the chapters and added the layers of interpretation which are applied to the vowels and the consonants and the various times of the lifespan, I continued with my own chart.
     It did not strike me as especially insightful or unusual. I was not granted any blinding enlightenment about my life. I am, like many practitioners in many fields, extremely bad at reading for myself.
     I expanded my exploration into the names and birthdates of my parents and sister, following the instructions in Dr. Jordan’s book, and gaining some clarity in the ways that Major Numbers on different points interact with each other.
     My father’s chart made sense to me.  My sister’s chart made sense to me.  My mother’s chart was absolute rubbish. Her date-of-birth added up to fit her; her name charted out as though it was for some strange character. I could not relate the numbers to her at all.
     I was mortified.
     I recalculated, searching for the mistake I must have made. I couldn’t find it.
     I was profoundly disappointed.
    Even if I assumed that my personal chart was correct, then I had 75% accuracy. It was not good enough. I set my papers aside and ignored them, hurt by their failure.
     A few days later I was on the telephone with my mother. I shared a little about what had happened, and told her that her chart had not worked. She asked me what name I had used. It struck me as a very peculiar question, what name was I likely to use? “Don’t forget,” she said, “My birth-parents had named me before your grandparents adopted me.”
     When I charted her birth-name, she practically leapt off the page. It was ridiculously accurate. The distress I had felt at my failed attempt turned into massive vindication of the discipline. I am forever grateful to have learnt this lesson so early in my education.
     The word Numerology is often unfamiliar to people, just as it was unfamiliar to me that day in my car.     After practicing for over thirty years I have still not discovered a simple definition that says all that I want it to say. Mostly I want to immerse everyone in the wonders of their chart. After all this time, I am still thrilled and delighted by the results that clients get from connecting to the insights when I provide them with personal Numerological information.

     The best I can do is to call it ‘a way to explore the unseen influences in the life of an individual’. What I most want to do is share the benefits with those individuals who are called to explore the deep and meaningful intentions that are encoded within their charts. That is what I do. That is what I am here to do.
This week, in February of 2018, modern DNA testing has allowed us to connect to my mother’s birth family. It is a new beginning that could not have been imagined back in the 1980s. So many more charts to make for my family binder, it’s a thrill and a half!!

There are many aspects of a Numerology Chart which can help you to focus your activities and enjoy your life.  I have been practising Numerology and supporting clients through life changes since the 1980s. For a consultation, or to commission a chart of your name and birthdate, we can meet in person, by telephone, or by Skype re