Moving Forward
     Throughout 2016 I have been writing about the way the Nine energy of the year could help with completing goals, concluding some projects. Nine brings closure to long-standing issues, and can change or end relationships in various ways.
     The Number Cycle consists of Nine points, and they play out in sequence, with One following Nine, repeating.
    2017 will begin a new cycle. This is because, in Numerology, compound numbers alway have their digits added together. Just as 2+0+1+6=9, so 2+0+1+7=10, and 1+0=1.
The Energy of One
    The energy carried in a One is about initiations and beginnings: a great contrast to the Nine.
    If Nine closed the door on some parts of our lives, One is opening myriad windows. As we start a new nine-year cycle, we can expect new opportunities that have never before been available to us.
    One is an expression of creation. As the first of the cycle, One represents the arrival of Something from the Void, a vibration reflected in human courage and innovation.
    One Energy is determined and fearless, it is willing to initiate a new state of being. Front and centre of the coming year is the potential to replace that which has been ended during the Nine year.
    2017 will be a time for conscious and concerted effort to re dismantle and place those many systems which have been revealed under the surface, or exposed as flawed, during 2016.
    As the beginning of the Cycle of numbers, the One is not a number for physical labour, it is more connected to the Mental Plane, where it originates ideas and concepts, manages theories, and creative endeavours. This energy excels at thinking and planning, and offering trustworthy ideas, which can be brought to completion by 2025.
    This is good news for anyone who is currently working with Shifts in society, as well as those who have grown disillusioned by the events of the last twelve months.
    As we prepare to step into the New Year, and the energy it provides, taking time to develop goals is important. Making plans is a priority. Coordinating our vision for the future is necessary if we are to build the world we want to leave to coming generations.
    Each of us brings a personal Numerological energy to the One year, next week I will outline the energies we each have for Jannuary. If you are interested in an in-depth understanding of your own vibrations, a Numerology reading can give you clarity.
    Any New Year is a good time to review and renew your visionboard. Making a visionboard helps to define what, specifically, you are seeking to do or to have. Using the board then focuses attention into those goals, and attracts the circumstances which can fulfill your desires. I will be hosting several VisionBoard sessions during January and February.
    Life cannot  move backwards, what's done is done, and we are where we are. What matters now is to put effort and energy into building the future we choose.
    We can get anywhere from here, one choice at a time.

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