Mindful and Mellow

     In 2011, September 12 was designated Mindfulness Day by Wisdom Publications. Now it is an annual event, and a variety of workshops and meditation groups are held around the world. The intent is to raise awareness among the general public about the value and benefit of mindfulness.

     The word "mindfulness" is a translation of the term sati, which Buddhist teachings apply to the development of self-knowledge and wisdom on the path towards enlightenment and freedom from suffering.
     Mindfulness is achieved through bringing conscious attention to the present moment, and all of the sensations it contains. It is expanded through meditation and other practices.
     The world-renowned meditation teacher, writer and scientist Jon Kabat-Zinn is often credited with the popularity of mindfulness in the West, and he will be in Ottawa on Thursday, 21 September, 2017 to lead the proceedings at the Mass Mindefulness Meditation for Peace - International Day of Peace.  The hour long meditation will begin at noon in front of the Peace Tower, Parliament Hill, Wellington Street in downtown Ottawa.
     The theme for Peace Day 2017 is TOGETHER, promoting respect safety and dignity for refugees and migrants and to crush the global rise in xenophobia and discrimination. This is an opportunity to spread love through a mass meditation, and to celebrate values of unity, diversity and inclusivity.
     When engaging in a Mindfulness experience there are many ways to approach it. As a solitary practice, or in a group, large or small, every mindfulness meditation is unique. Being mindful means tuning in to awareness of the conditions of the present moment, and the sensations within any environment are constantly shifting and changing. If you focus on the sound of distant traffic, you will become aware of the changes in volume and pitch as the moments tick by. When you pay close attention to aromas in the air, you may find them shifting with each breath, as your ability to distinguish traces of information grows sharper.

     With eyes closed, you can concentrate on how it feels to be breathing in and out. There is no need to manipulate or exaggerate breathing; merely noticing it can help maintain a focus, and provides a returning place when you realize your mind has galloped off in search of a shopping list or a day-old conversation.  
     Studied extensively, mindfulness has been found helpful for reducing stress, and for people with a variety of psychological conditions, and may also aid in the prevention of mental health problems.
     Mindfulness needs no equipment or supplies, and can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime: it is certainly not limited to specific days and events. Spending a couple of minutes in deep, mindful awareness when you first wake up can set the tone for feeling connected and relaxed all day.

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    On September 18th, in Masham QC, you can attend a workshop called Breathing for Adult Beginners and learn ways to use your breathing to find focus and centering.  Click here for more.