Look Back, Look Forward

    Life is about growth and change. The calendar provides us with a tool to measure how our lives have moved, and December is a natural time to look back and see where we were, and what progress we can claim.
Universal Year
    2015 has been a Universal Year with a vibration of Eight. Eight resides in the Mental plane, and makes a space for thoughtfulness and theorizing. We have all been granted twelve months for paying attention to conditions in the world, and also introspection, examining our inner world: the place of perception and understanding.
    Focussing on either of these two thinking styles can deepen our relationship with our life path. Our daily life is certainly influenced by the outside world. Access to resources alters our experience: those without food live differently than those who eat well, even though they might be neighbours. People engaged in mindfulness and interior study have a different experience from those who windsurf across the surface of life, seeking happiness in things or in doing.
    When we combine the inner and outer realms, we can enrich ourselves profoundly. When I understand myself and my expectations, I can move comfortably through my interactions with others.  With clarity about what is actually happening, I can learn about myself from the reactions I have.
    Finding that balance between inner and outer; self and other; is a work of Eight energy. Like breathing in and breathing out, the looping line we use to write 8 reveals the synergy between behaving and thinking. The lemniscate is the symbol for infinity. Connecting with Cosmic Wisdom in our lives will always bring personal progress.
Personal Year
    In my personal cycle 2015 was a Three. Three carries a vibration of creativity and synthesis. The ambitions that mattered in January shifted as the year unfolded, and as new opportunities arose, I was able to indulge. I have new skills and new styles which make me a different person now than I was last December.
    This year I discovered that I was more adept at writing about Flow than I was at flowing. It took me several weeks of intense and difficult work to release the holdbacks, and still I have days when I resist -- or long to change – what is.
    I have been able to devote time to writing, and my collaboration with Tamlyn Heddeman has not only produced an almost-complete manuscript, it has also grown to embrace an online Mastermind group: a community of others who are doing similar work, and the promise of an ever widening audience.
Next year
    2016 will be a Nine Universal Year: the cycle which began in 2008 is reaching completion. For those readers who are familiar with the concept of The Shift this is no surprise. Globally, regionally and within our families and communities systems are adapting to new ways of being in the world.
    The digit Nine was present in every birth-date chart of the twentieth century. The energy of wholeness and unity was revealed during the 1900s, as we saw how the single atmosphere moved pollution from place to place, and the massive waters touched every shore. We were shown our planet photographed from space, a single ball of rock in the sky where everything we know or know of has occurred.
    After decades of resistance and denials we are seeing world-wide agreement to cooperate for the good of all. Changes are being made in environmental work; in medicine; in the economy; in the ways we speak to each other and what relationships look like.
    The coming year will change the world. Each of us has the opportunity to change our personal experience, and to contribute to something much larger than ourselves. Now is a good time to start.

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