The third eye or pineal eye is the name given to the place above and between our two physical eyes. 

One of the labels used about the third eye is “Knowledge without Learning”. It shifts away from the idea that information comes from outside the mind.  
When we read a book we gain learning which can be remembered later.  We know things because the author presented them to us, we saw them through our two physical eyes, and took the words and ideas into our memory. 

Third eye wisdom is different. The wisdom which unfurls through our thoughts and minds represents a Knowing which is hard to describe in the language of a culture which does not often acknowledge the possibility.

Intuition, hunches, wisdom from beyond, whatever we call it, it exists. Some people are more adept at accessing this wisdom than others, although I believe that to be a matter of intention and practice. 

We are all capable of learning anything, whether that is riding a bicycle, painting a picture, or hearing the words of Spirit. What matters is which of we have chosen, and how much effort we have put into developing the skill.  

Knowing, in this sense, is not conjecture or hypothesis, but a certainty so deep and certain and can withstand scrutiny.

Sometimes, we just know. We can tell when someone is speaking insincerely, and that their compliments are intended to make us vulnerable. We can detect slyness in a tone that is not reflected in the words spoken. We can feel the stare of an unwelcome watcher, or sense presence in a supposedly empty place. Each of these is a use of the ‘sense’ that resides in our third eye. 

The third eye has been called a gateway to the inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. In many spiritual traditions the third eye symbolizes a state of enlightenment. The Hindu god Lord Shiva is believed to embody the world we know; his right eye is believed to be the sun, his left eye is the moon, and his third eye represents the fire of enlightenment. 

For people who are consciously working to improve their connexion with Spirit, and seeking to open their third eye, there may be signals that the work, while never instantaneous, is bringing success. Foresight, sensitivity to light, and seeing beyond the Obvious might be the first things you notice. Also a heightened sense of one’s own identity, seen with objectivity.  There may develop a growing pressure between the eyebrows which does not cause pain. 

The open third eye is like a conduit bringing energy from the Unseen into the physical world. New ideas, concepts, inspired thoughts are able to flow easily through an open channel.  There are no clogs in the pipeline, most of us simply didn't learn to pay attention. Quiet practice, permission for the stream to run, and intention are the only changes we need to make.
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