Insights for October
2015 holds a frequency of Eight*, which is with everyone, every day.
October, as the tenth month, adds a value of One,** quite different from the vibrations we have experienced  in September. As always we are called to expand, to travel further along the wheel of numbers, and to build on all that has gone before.
 ***To calculate the Number for your Personal Year, see the examples below.
    My Three Personal Year continues, and October vibrations require that I pay attention to details within my natural Big-Picture view. I need to prepare myself and my world for the inevitable changes which are on their way.
    If you are in a Four Personal Year, October should show you how much progress you made while your nose was at the grindstone in September.  Enjoy your success and the certainty of completion.
    A Five Personal Year is a time of personal growth. October surrounds you with both desire and opportunity to make a difference in the world. Following through is your route to Soul expansion and Spiritual evolution. 
    If this is your Six Personal Year, October may offer some small obstacles. If you are already engaged in the work of self-understanding, you may not even notice: you can take life in your stride, and progress is easy.
    The Seven Personal Year is a teacher, and what happens will shape the lessons of the next cycle. The Cosmic energies in your field this October support communication of all kinds, and balanced flow from all Sources of Love.
    In your Eight Personal Year, you are stabilizing your relationship with Spirit. October may contain some 'light-bulb' moments, where long-standing, complex questions are suddenly answered with the realization that the solution was present all along.
    For someone in their Nine Personal Year, October is the first step towards a new cycle which will commence in January. This is a time for “out-there” ideas and exploring innovations, knowing that any flops can be quickly discarded.
    A One Personal Year is filled with novelty, and October is sure to fetch important relationships to the fore. These might be fleeting – someone holds a door for you – or they may begin an on-going togetherness.
    Two Personal Years also have relationships in focus. October may require some coping and adapting within friendships and with community members. Do not assume that all is as it used to be: discover the truth of the moment.
    Everyone, no matter which Personal Year number they are vibrating, will find October's Spiritual energy inserting unforeseen circumstances into daily life. These are always portals to the growth of your eternal and immortal centre.
There are no bad months. There are only months when we engage with the Cosmic pulse.
*2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8
 ** 8 + 9 = 17,  1 + 7 = 8.
*** To calculate your Personal Year Number for 2015: Add the number of the Day you were born, to the number of the month you were born, and then add Eight.
Keep adding until you have only one digit.
For example: my birthday is 28 March, so I add 2+8 = 10, and 1+0 = 1

If you were born on the 27 February, you would add 9+2+8= [19, 1+9=10, 1+0=1] One for a Personal Year number.

26 April 8+4+8= Two
25 October 7+1+8 = Seven
and so on.

Jo Leath has been practising Numerology and supporting her clients since the 1980s. She considers Human life to be an ever-evolving journey, and offers the tools that can help as you move through change and into growth.
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