My upcoming Oracle Card Deck, The Wisdom of the Garden Path uses images of the Living Layer of the planet, and celebrates the cycle of life revealed through nature.
There is a section highlighting the season of Growing and these cards will show up in your reading to point to the place where your life has a growing edge.
They are coloured yellow for the sun, which is responsible for all life on the planet. The pictures are of the glorious phase of expansion among the plants featured in the deck.
Yellow is the colour of the solar plexus chakra: the seat of our self-image and self-knowing. This is the energy centre which empowers an individual to seek (and follow) the path that they intended when they entered the Human Experience. 
It is impossible to connect to, and express, personal power without growing beyond the confines of the past. We cannot take responsibility for our destiny if we are unwilling to reach out and go to a new place.

Growth is natural even when it is not easy. When we resist, the third chakra resonates anxiety: we have a gut feeling that something is wrong. Deepak Chopra has written that “A gut feeling is actually every cell in your body making a decision.” 
The theme of growth is present in the very first card of the deck. The title is Beginning, and the image is of a Day Lily in the earliest phase of growth in a new season. 
Cycles have no starting or ending: there is simply transformation into the next phase. In processing our Human Experience, however, it can useful to identify the place in the cycle where we are today. Most of us would see this DayLily at the beginning of its season.

Card 28 explores the growth of Leadership as it is illustrated by the Mugo Pine. Despite the logical impression that an ‘evergreen’ is forever the same colour, the Mugo Pine exhibits its new growth very clearly. Extensions add height and width, they move the tree into new dimensions of being. When this card shows up in a reading it is telling you that the time is right to forge ahead, and leave the past behind you. The ends of the branches in this phase are called candles, and they light the way for forward movement.
On the physical plane the end of change and growth is the end of life. Still there is nothing ordinary about the wonders of this physical experience. Taking time to acknowledge and celebrate growth can connect us with the very miracle which is this living planet. 
Look at the children or the leaves and seeds of the trees outside. Watch the squirrels at the park, or even the spread of a mushy brown bruise on a piece of too-old fruit. 
Nothing is ever finished. Every moment offers unique opportunities to grow.

I have been practising Numerology and accessing the power of synchronicity as clients move through through life changes since the 1980s.
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