Goddess Energy

In another part of my life this month I have been teaching about Aspects  of the Goddess, and some of the many ways that feminine power has been presented around the world.
Visual representations of anything that can be labelled Divine Feminine, no matter where or how they are offered,  are always about life and therefore the balance brought by death.
Goddesses have been included in the mythologies of cultures and countries and religions through all of recorded history, and even from the times we call pre-historic, when evidence has been left in the art that we have found. 
The woman of Willendorf is an example of that.  Dating from the Paleolithic Age, around 29,500 years ago, she is a celebration of fertility and life, created in a time when life was fragile and short. The many dangers associated with pregnancy and birth were to be feared, and the ability of any individual to successfully make the transition to motherhood was cause for reverence. 
Willendorf displays womanly assets in extreme. She is shaped to emphasize her wide hips, big enough to to accommodate healthy baby, and large breasts to produce milk to nourish that same child.
Venus of Willendorf.  Photo: Don Hitchcock, 2015.  Source: Original in the Vienna Natural History Museum
We are blessed to live in a time when men are involved in the domestic aspects of life, and are able to spend time with the children, teaching them how brothers and fathers and husbands can contribute fully in all areas. 

Many Goddesses around the world and throughout history have also honoured the process of pregnancy and birth. 
Others have been used to teach about other aspects of community life.  The Hindu Ganesha has an elephant’s head, which she uses to clear obstacles out of the way. 
The blindfolded Lady Justice weighs the two sides of any disagreement, bringing fairness and justice to the resolution, without influence of seeing who is arguing, or what rewards they might offer. 
Dianna was a hunter, skilled in the use of bow and arrow.

Shiva turns the wheel of destiny when she destroys the universe in order to re-create it, keeping the cycle turning forever.
Athena is a spear-carrying goddess associated with handicraft, wisdom and warfare 
Pictures and depictions of some Divine Aspect are common in many homes. How we think about the world is influenced by the stories we are told, the pictures we see, and how we see our own lives reflected.
In these times when schedules are disrupted and the shape of our daily activities is being re-arranged, it is a good time to look within and reflect on which aspects of strength and expression we can find and celebrate within ourselves.
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