Fractions and the Big Picture
     Author Arundhati Roy has written‎ “Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” This is a concept which resonates deeply with me. As I observe and note the societal changes that constitute the ongoing Shift, I am consistently aware of the future being transformed.
     I am working with my friend and colleague, Tamlyn Hedemann, on an inspiring and comprehensive book about how the ways of love are shifting in present times.
     It has been fascinating to discover the themes and continuing narratives which have unfolded in our lives: the re-appearances of unresolved challenges, the repeated opportunities for overcoming established negative patterns.
     Each of us is writing our personal experience; comparing the teachings that have been granted to us.
    Although our lives have been very different, and the circumstances to which we have been exposed have been diverse, there is little that one has discovered and the other has not.
     Between us we have had the chance to feel and express (or repress) a massive diversity of loves: for our birth families and for people we chose; for men and for women and some in transition; for in-laws and step-families; for people who stayed and people who left us behind.
     The first family: those adults who cared for us in infancy, set down the love-relationship template into which we will later brought our other relationships, and against which we measure them. What Tamlyn and I are exploring is the ways in which, as we gain experience and objectivity, these templates are exactly correct for the lives we are here to live.
     There is no fraction of an encounter that does not contribute to the larger picture of our life. As well as the deeply thought-altering ideas that some people bring into our field, there are also throw-away lines, spoken in our earshot, which stay with us for decades and affect who and how we are in the world.
     As Tamlyn and I examine our current selves we see how we have adapted slowly, gradually, to a world entirely unlike the one in which we started, or the one for which our parents and teachers were preparing us.
     Not one meeting or memory can be discounted. We cannot minimise the impact of any conversation. We should not overlook any book we have read, music we have heard or movie we have viewed.
     While the final manuscript includes only our most important themes and lessons, we have written about a great deal more in the process. Before we could identify the highlights, we needed to see the full spectrum, and in that way we gained a deep insight into how very well-designed life has been.
     If I had not gone to this place, I would not have met this person, and thus would never have learnt this, or travelled here or been offered this job. Every moment and meeting and decision moves the direction of life.
      Every love that flows through us is a gift from The Source of All Things, to us and to whomever we are loving. There is a profound transformation in our perception of life when we comprehend this.  We undergo a personal Shift when we adopt this knowledge, and without any effort, our soul grows.
     When we are able to retain consciousness about this, and be mindful of each thought and word, then we are living Shift energy at its most profound.  Another world is not only possible, she is on her way and when we engage with the new and shifting energy that surrounds us, we bring her a little closer.
      Watch this space for book pre-sales during autumn 2015.
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