Forgetting is many things, and nothing at all.
Forgetting can seem to be the opposite of mindfulness and presence. Most readers will recognize that they have performed activities without being fully involved in them, realizing later that there is no memory of washing the dishes or driving a familiar route to work.
For me, this kind of forgetting is a reminder. When I become aware of the gap between my actions and my attention, I feel a call to return to deliberate presence. Being Here Now is important to me, I would call it a constant part of my practice, and I aspire to do it constantly. Even though life intervenes regularly, I do my best to remain mindful of myself and my movements throughout the day.
There is also forgetting that liberates us from retaining pain. We can make a choice to put out of our mind a hurtful thing a dear friend has said. In this way we can spare ourselves from taking upset feelings into the future.
Our physical bodies are storehouses where events of the past are encoded. Fractures can be detected long after they have healed: twenty, fifty, seventy years after the fact, our bones remember and remain changed by the break. Soft tissue injuries persist as well, and the scars that have been created to help with healing are a proof of the past carried into the present.
We may forget exactly what cut or broke or burnt us, but our skin will display proof of its healing abilities and process.
Forgetting may be small, like abandoning an umbrella on the bus or bench, -- although I would suggest that this, too, offers a chance to learn about our alignment with our environment, and how our expectations reflect the reality of our lives.

In theosophy nothing is ever lost or forgotten. The Akashic records are encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. Akasha is the Sanskrit word for 'ether', 'sky', or 'atmosphere' and the records are said to be located in an etheric plane. These records are a catalogue of all human events that have ever occurred. 
In 1927 Alice A. Bailey wrote that “The akashic record is like an immense photographic film, registering all the desires and earth experiences of our planet.”

It is important to be aware of the inclusion of desires in the record of events. What we imagine is recorded, with equal weight to what we live through. 
There is no forgetting, even in the realm of wishes and dreams, we do well to direct our thoughts towards the lighter aspects of life.
  It makes sense to me that there is information, known in the Universe, that reflects our intentions and desires for our lifetime here in human form. The ethers do not work against us, and when we seek guidance and wisdom, it is shared freely.
The limits of our physical form mean we cannot simply conjure up a memory by wanting it. This life requires us to find the trails of tiny Spiritual crumbs that can take us to deeper knowing. These clues are provided in the positions of the planets, in the Numbers of our birth and name, in numerous other places.
When we are willing to look, we can reclaim our forgotten knowledge, easily. It is simply about remembering what our deepest selves have never forgotten.
Since the 1980s I have been practising Numerology and helping clients move towards remembering their own wisdom.
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