Following the Breadcrumbs

     I grew up in a culture which told a children’s story about being lost in the woods.
     The young characters, wanting to retrace their steps, crumbled bread and left a trail of crumbs.
     Naturally in the woods the pieces of bread were eaten by birds and rodents, and the children were again lost and left to the dangers of the night.
     The personal Spiritual Quest is much like this story. We have a desire – a need, even – to understand how we got to this place. Luckily, we who now live in fragile human bodies have laid many trails back to our Soul Plane and intention.
     When we disregard the power of whatever predators we perceive, then we can reach that part of All That Is which can direct and guide us.
      At times it is tempting to think there is a simple solution to the *problem* of life. We are sometimes taught that this or that teacher or guru or leader can easily make all things clear.
     There is not, however, any single path to the future.
      Like the children in the woods who had to rely on guesswork and intuition to imagine the way after the sparrows and mice had removed it, so we are granted numerous choices for the direction of our next step.
     We in the west in the millennium have hundreds of directions and modalities available to us. There are opportunities to explore directly through meditation and altered states. There is astrology; card reading; palmistry and auric-field reading. We can meet with people who have developed their clairvoyance, clairaudience or claircognizance, or we can study and cultivate our own.
      As we move towards the knowledge that awaits us we can connect to our life purpose: it matters less which route we take than that we begin.
     Many of us have arrived here today with the idea that who we are and how we behave in the world is a single homogenous thing. In truth we are complex beings, and when we start the work of personal introspection and Spiritual awakening, we discover that rather than any one path to understanding and growth, there are combinations of avenues which may be explored en route to understanding.
      Half way through the four weeks of the teleclass Numerology: Your Expression on the Planes I find myself being reminded about why I love Numerology so much.
     Each letter of your name is given a numerical value. The numbers are then added in different ways and truths about your intended life path are revealed. It is rarely easy to describe the depth and breadth of a system succinctly. Anything that can be summarized in 27 words is surely not very complicated. For 30 years Numerology has continued to reveal its minutiae to me.
     As I experience this class and hear the feedback from participants I am again in awe of the intricacies of the clues we have given ourselves about why we are here in the human realm, at this time in history.
      There has been enormous learning for attendees even though the topic is a tiny fraction of a full chart.
     Expression on the Planes zeroes in on the very specific energies that we have chosen to help us fulfill our tasks.
     The class has looked at the Physical and Mental Planes, and we are preparing to examine the Emotional and Spiritual planes during the next two sessions.
     Within a numerological name chart there is a tiny corner where single digits represent how that individual is likely to interact with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life.
     There are thousands of variations of how these numbers might be combined, and thus no shortage of ways to examine the interconnectedness.
     People with similar traits in one place may seem compatible with us regardless of vast differences in other parts of the chart. Similarities in one plane may create an attraction and comfort. There may then be an entirely different approach to another plane and therefore judgement or failure to understand.
     Participants are not so much discovering new or startling information, as they are having their personal work highlighted or underlined, or being granted reminders of information they have been given and ignored in previous work.
     Those who are working with enneagrammes are finding the same messages arriving through the numbers. The people who have invited synchronistic information through cards, coins or tea-leaves are being affirmed and validated.
      Our Cosmic selves as reflected in human form are like cut gems. The Planes of Expression are a microcosm of this reality. Each facet reflects and refracts light in a particular way. The digits that show how we express on the Planes are like four tiny facets on one of the faces of that bigger jewel. They contribute vitally to the whole even though they don't tell the whole story
     Before we arrived in human life we each set out many trails of breadcrumbs to help us understand our intention as we relinquished full immersion in the Soul Plane.
     Looking for that trail is the task of being human. Arranging ourselves to align with Cosmic Intention is the journey of our Soul.  

Journey Into Alignment
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