Five Six Seven Eight

The Number Cycle tells a story which can be used to illustrate multiple situations, and it is never absent from daily life and activity.
  We are all influenced by the Nine Year Cycle that supports us in our lives. Almost always the progression of energies follows the simple One Two Three through to Nine.
We spend a year in each of the Number Vibrations, and when we complete a Nine year we move to a One (because One plus Zero = One).

I prefer not to think of this as the turn of a wheel like a cartwheel or other disk; the repeating cycle is more like a spiral staircase. While it may be true that every nine years you are facing North, your view is different than in the past. Each time you see that view, you are standing on nine additional years of wisdom and experience, and like someone climbing stairs, you are seeing the same landscape from another perspective.
Planes of Expression 
The nine digits are also divided among the four Planes of Expression: bolstering how we interact on the Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Intuitive energies of the Universe and of our lives.
Five is a Physical Number. It is the time of expansion and growth, a time to explore what is beyond the immediate concerns of self and survival. Five brings new ideas and people into close range.  
Six delivers Emotional energy. As the Number associated with Service it is and expression of the Cosmic expectation that we will answer the call to be all that we can for our burgeoning community, to give and to fully receive the rewards of our participation.
       Seven is the first of the Intuitive Numbers. It is called The Teacher because when it is the predominant frequency in our field, we are likely being asked to learn something. When we engage with Seven energy we are able to promote the growth of our intuitive and Spiritual selves. 

Eight resides in the Mental Plane. It asks us to use our human capacity for thinking through our circumstances. As a flowing figure that we use to represent infinity, it is also a symbol of balance and symmetry, as the Mental Plane is where our deep Spiritual Wisdom interacts directly with our physical brain and being. 
All Planes
While we live this Human Experience, the Four Planes are intertwined and interdependent. Being active and involved with the progression of the cycle allows us to maximize our Soul Expansion.

Five Six Seven Eight

Five Six Seven Eight is the only time in the Number Cycle that the Planes follow each other this way. There is an opportunity for us to make the very most of our lives when we know that entering a Five is opening a door to this kind of Soul Advancement.

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