First Vowel: A Kernel of Wisdom
      A Numerology chart assigns values to the letters of the name, and calculates various totals.
     This week I am highlighting the vowels, and including a mini-reading that anyone can easily determine for her or his own name.
     Some obsolete languages, and today’s Hebrew and Arabic, do not include vowels when they are written. The ancient reasoning for this is believed to be that vowels carry sacred vibrations. In Numerology, the vowels are where the intentions of your life are encoded.  Finding and understanding this truth is key to aligning with the path you are here to walk.
     My first teacher, Dr. Juno Jordan, called the vowel total Heart’s Desire. Modern practitioners often call it the Soul Number. My choice is to refer to it as the Intentional Self.
     Whatever the label, Numerologists are working with the concept that the vowel number carries deep and important messages for our lives. When our heart feels called in a particular direction, to a place or a topic or a relationship, the wisdom and Cosmic memory of our Soul vibrates through the vowels and commands our attention. We are called because taking that next step will move us in the direction we have intended for this lifetime.
     The five vowels, (and sometimes Y), span all four of the Planes of Expression. A vibrates with One, which is a Mental number; E is a Five, in the Physical Plane. I carries Nine frequency, and is found on the Spiritual Plane, alongside Y. O is a Six and U is a Three, both reside in the Emotional realm.
      A Mini-Reading you can easily do for yourself:
      A very simple access to information coded in your name is to look at the first vowel. 
  When A is the first vowel in a name it points to a person with an independent nature, and a broad interest in life. A supports thoughtfulness and level-headedness when it is lived to its full potential. For one who is stumbling through life connected only to the physical dimension, the kernel A can be self-aggrandizing, critical and sceptical even sneering at others from a place of personal insecurity.
     As a kernel vowel, E points to a life of exciting growth and travel and willingness to learn and change. E does not support routine repetitive activities, and will feel bored if not confronted and stretched. When unchallenged, Es can become irresponsible, and their need for change can make them restless and fickle.
     First vowel I points to a person with an interest in arts and drama or science: large fields of infinite originality. I is in the world to make it a better place, to connect with as many people and concepts as possible, and to teach the ideas that will improve the human experience. When held down or held back, Is can lack confidence, and become impatient or timid.
     An O kernel informs the chart of a person who is honest. This chart is someone respectful of law and order and method, and may at times appear to others as obstinate. In fact O slowly studies systems to fully understand them in order to change them for the future. Os who are not working to serve the world may sink into emotional quagmires, or even jealousy, which is toxic to self and others.
     Kernel energy U indicates a person with a splendid grasp on theoretical concepts and this understanding manifests as capacity for carrying though ideas which have been formulating by self or others. When uninspired, U can be selfish, even greedy, and this can result in losses of both physical goods and reputation.
     In the system of Numerology which I use, Y is only treated as a vowel when it is the only alternative. In names like Sly, Glynn, Chrys, Cyndy, or Rhys the Y carries all vowel sound, and is therefore given vowel status. In names like Dorothy, Dylan, Kayley, Ray or Lynne, the AEIOU are deemed to be holders of intention.
     When Y is the vowel, the energy of the kernel, like the I, is on the Spiritual plane and this chart is well equipped for overcoming the inevitable obstacles of life. Resisting the obstacles, blaming others for setbacks and trials, this chart can become hesitant or self-censoring. They will struggle to return to alignment with their intentions.
     Shortened names can interfere with this pattern, and you may want to consider which vowel has the strongest vibration for you. If your name is James and you have been called Jim since birth, you may need to contemplate whether the A has more influence than the I, or whether both A and I are strongly present and balanced in your personal way of being. The same examination is necessary for any Margaret who is called Molly; for Johns who are called Jack; a Darlene or Marlene who uses Lena and so on. For others: when Christine becomes Chris; Patrick becomes Pat; Pamela becomes Pam; Harold answers to Harry and Andrea to Andi, the kernel energy in the first vowel remains unchanged.
     Middle names and unused names and name-fragments continue to resonate in the background of life. Fully decoding them can be accomplished through preparation of your full chart.

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